The new microcement ready to use cementec®

The future ahead of the present

Why microcement ready to use?

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To use.


Already prepared and pasted.


The cloudy dust disappears.


No prior experience or on-site training is required.


Product protected under a strict quality control.


Array of products and colours.

Do you want to be a CEMENTEC© applicator or distributor?


CEMENTEC® is not just a product, it is rather an effort to communicate an idea that resides at the very centre of emotions, it is an experience based on the material and the place where the activity is carried out, it is a way of interpreting and understanding that honesty and naturalness in the expression of the material we use is closely related with the way in which we relate with space.

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Expert opinion

The truth is that it looks really nice and I would never have imagined that my bathroom, with those horrible tiles and grouts, could have that amazing result just placing on top CEMENTEC®. Now it seems like a magazine bathroom…

– Silvia Rodríguez, client of Cementec

Expert opinion

I have tested many products that should be microcement but any of them has surprised me as pleasantly as CEMENTEC® High Transit. I never saw a microcement such strong.

– Daniel Sanjuan, microcement applicator in Madrid.

Expert opinion

It is a material very easy to work with, and you don’t have to prepare colours, they come already measured!!

– Rafa Samper, painter in Alicante.

Expert opinion

In my opinion, after-sales service is the most important part of a company, and that is why I feel comfortable and loyal to them because of its seriousness and willingness to help you…

– Agustín Ibáñez, microcement applicator in Valencia.

Expert opinion

I really love the complete array of products of CEMENTEC®, for housing, outdoor, shops… difficult to find one that doesn’t fit in your project.

– Joan Balaguer, top coating applicator in Barcelona.

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