Microcement pools.

Microcement is like entering a parallel universe, where the possibilities are practically infinite. There are for all tastes, of all sizes and for all budgets. Of course, in swimming pools there are also design and innovation. The incorporation of microcement has been a trend since recent years, and it means a very important contribution in the decorative meaning. They are on the rise and given its advantages, it is an option to highly consider. If a few years ago most houses had a cement-based pool with a typical tile interior coating, we can say that the trend is changing radically, and microcement pools are becoming more and more predominant in single-family homes. Our product Cementec Pool, meets the necessary qualities, after having been tried and tested for its application in this type of scenario, with highly valued safety and durability coefficients.
piscina de microcemento


  The product Cementec Pool has waterproof properties itself, made it especially suitable to be applied on pools, as it can resist the high compression of retained water in optimal conditions. Once the product is applied reaches a high resistance to scratches and corrosive chemicals. Therefore, we should not worry about chlorine and chemical agents that can be used in pools. Furthermore, its maintenance and cleaning are quite simple. Not only can they be customized through colour and finish, but also through shape and design. The material adapts to any surface, so it can be created the most capricious shapes you can imagine, straight or circular, with rounded or straight edges, with fountains, waterfalls, spa areas, etc. In addition to its technical features, it merges with other materials and integrates into any landscape, style and environment. The surrounding area can be built and covered with wood or ceramics, for example. An irregular Ibiza-style finish or putting natural stone, if it is a rustic house, are other options worth considering. Another advantage is the smoothness provided by the polishing. Because it can be applied to large surfaces without joints and without noticing any type of separation in the same area. This, plus the possibility of choosing the colours, allows us to integrate the environment, achieving visual continuity and an unparalleled feeling of relaxation. These pools encompass modernity and elegance at the service of each customer’s taste. Because a swimming pool with straight lines can be covered for a house with a minimalist design, as well as a white and rounded version for an Ibiza-style house. And, in any case, you will not find in other types of pools, the feeling of spaciousness and cleanliness that microcement offers.
It has excellent results because its finish does not age over time, in other words, its aging is not out of place, and it is rather grateful. Likewise, they immerse you in a different landscape capable of captivating you and transporting you to a different place, where absolute relaxation and personal enjoyment predominate. The colour of the microcement lets yourself go to your creativity. In our array of colours, spectacular designs can be achieved, and even any colour from the RAL colour chart can be considered for pools with a minimum sqm. Another point to have in mind is that it is not a difficult job to carry out, because, although all that the construction of a pool entails, is rather fast, does not get dirty much and it is not necessary to take out the existing surface (unless it is very deteriorated). An important quality is its perfect adherence to the surface, as well as it is smooth and well-anchored surface to achieve maximum adaptability, facilitating the work. The final protection system is made up of a first quality polymer-sealer, which provides total waterproof, high resistance to water with chlorine, abrasion and UV rays. Despite its low thickness and its natural appearance, this sealant has a very high resistance to cracking, adverse weather conditions and scratches or other types of accidents.

Issues that could appear in microcement pools

Our Cementec Pool product offers magnificent results, tested by out test and trial protocols, but you must always have in mind some necessary parameters during application, on the contrary, some type of issue can appear, above all if application works are not made under suitable conditions. It has to be respected all the steps that the CEMENTEC POOL application process requires, and our company will help and assess you in all of them to achieve an optimal result. It is required a smooth and well-anchored surface which not all the pools have it. So, it is very important to make a previous technical assessment. During its application, it is obvious that weather conditions affect the ability to carry out the work in proper conditions. Both rain and sun (in high temperatures, especially during the summer months), are not the best times for it.

Types of microcement pools, better new or old ones?

An important feature is that microcement can be directly applied on an existing pool as well as on a newly construction one. Its finish is continuous and waterproof, and if the application process is carried out following our CEMENTEC company protocols, its durability is guaranteed.

Slip-resistance in microcement pools

The microcement applied in areas such as pools, it is essential that its finish is non-slip, in this case Cementec proposes the use of glass microspheres that provide the desired anti-slip levels, especially in the areas bordering the pool, such as the areas around it. It is the best way to greatly avoid unnecessary and dangerous slips. This non-slip product is very easy to apply, because it is carried out at the same time that top coating layers are applied, and although visually no type of change is noticed, it is logically to the touch.

Continuous design in microcement pools.

It is the most demanding element in this type of areas. That continuity which is part of the design of the area, makes it the most suggestive material to provide a very special atmosphere within the different areas that have a home. The non-use of expansion joints (except those that have the support itself), and the ability to apply the same color throughout that environment, provide a personality that other materials hardly provide.

Cleaning and maintenance to consider in microcement pools

Microcement ends up being one of the best materials for cleaning and maintenance. Unlike, for example, those ones that predominate the tiles, because in the joint a lot of dirt and mold is accumulated. In this case, by not having joints and being a completely continuous surface, the accumulation of dirt disappears, and only with manual or automatic sweepers, cleaning will always be more effective. You will not find in other types of pools, the lack of maintenance and cleaning that our product requires. Not only because of the absence of joints, but also because it does not require such demanding care as other materials.

Could we know a microcement pool price?

The price of a microcement pool is considered once we get information of the different variables that can appear, such as the final measurement, the complexity of the shape of the pool, or its location. Even so, it is true that its price is slightly higher than indoors, since the product involves higher technology to precisely provide all the guarantees that a work in correct conditions requires.

What type of microcement should be applied in pools?

The proper and specific product to be used on pools is our product Cementec Pool. Its high mechanical resistance is essential to achieve the safety and durability necessary to keep pools in the best possible conditions. The application system of this product also includes high weight fiberglass mesh and a special polyurethane varnish to withstand the high negative compression provided by the large amount of water in pools.

What colour to choose for a microcement pool?

Although we have a wide array of colours to cover all the tastes, our recommendation is always tried to combine light colours, because the colour of the water will always be much flashier and more crystalline. With white or light grey colours, you can achieve an emerald blue shade of water, which provides very suggestive and gratifying sensations in its design and enjoyment.

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