What is microcement?

Microcement is a continuous, smooth and polished covering which offers an excellent level of adhesion on different surfaces to achieve an aesthetic change in your bathroom, kitchen, or inside or outside of your house, as well as in offices, businesses or large stores. In addition, it is a new and state of the art covering in new buildings. It is one of the most complete and sought after coverings for achieving areas with a suggestive, personal and distinctive touch in their design.

Why “ready to use” microcement?


  • It is ready to be used

  • Easy: Already weighed, measured and pasted.

  • Clean: Does not generate suspended dust.

  • Intuitive: No prior experience or on-site training is required.

  • Safe: Product protected under a strict quality control.

  • Complete: A full variety of products and colours.

Where can microcement be applied?

 This is one the main advantages that microcement offers; it is a product suitable for application on almost all types of surfaces and spaces, refurbishments or renovations, as well as new buildings. The most common areas are usually bathrooms, showers, kitchens, stairs, homes, units, and also commercial areas such as shops, restaurants and public spaces in general.

What type of surfaces can be coated with microcement?

 Surfaces to be coated with microcement must be clean and clear, removing all residue, previous coverings (such as waxes), particles, and any other contaminant which may hinder adhesion. Microcement can be applied on almost all types of surfaces, except a few types of materials that we will describe. It is suitable for application on flat surfaces like plasterboard or MDF; surfaces with joins such as tiles, terrazzo, marble, stoneware, ceramic, etc., as well as cement-based surfaces, such as self-levelling mortars, concretes and cement screeds. It is not recommended to apply microcement on wooden floors, plastics or iron or aluminium materials.

Microcement indoors

CEMENTEC Ready to Use microcement is suitable for being applied and used inside homes due to its complete versatility and its exclusive and state of the art design. It is very easy to combine with other coverings.

Microcement walls

CEMENTEC Ready to Use microcement offers extensive decorative possibilities on walls, offering the personal and unique touch of a high quality technical and aesthetic covering.

Microcement stairs

The best way to extend an area separated from another by stairs is to apply microcement, giving vitality and a sensation of spaciousness as a whole. If you are tired of going up and down stairs with joins, this is the perfect option.

Microcement floors

Microcement floors provide continuity; that is, there are no joins between different pieces, just a single extension. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor floors. In addition, it is an ideal solution for covering floors on which you do not wish to carry out larger works, avoiding having to remove the previous flooring, and any debris. Furthermore, the floor level is not raised excessively, only about 3 millimetres.

Microcement bathrooms

Bathrooms are areas where microcement is used most. The use of microcement in bathroom decoration offers multiple advantages. A perfect finish, a sensation of purity and cleanliness, and the practicality sought for areas with humidity and condensation. Moreover, there is the possibility of application on all bathroom surfaces, such as floors, walls, shower trays, bathtubs units, etc.

Microcement kitchens

If you love microcement kitchens, there is no better way to inspire us to cook than to feel the cleanliness and spaciousness provided by Cementec Ready-to-Use microcement. It can be applied anywhere in the kitchen: walls, floors, countertops, units. Its wide variety of colours and textures, and its impressive anti-stain finish as final protection, make it ideal for decorating kitchens.

Microcement outdoor

Microcement offers the versatility of being able to be applied both indoors and outdoors. Cementec Ready to Use is a microcement with hydrophobic properties, suitable for covering areas where we need to feel calm and safe.

Microcement pools

Cementec Pool Ready-to-Use microcement, is a tested and recommended covering to be applied on surfaces such as swimming pools, where high compression and weather conditions put any type of covering to the test, providing safety and design to this unique area.

Microcemento outdoor floors

Not all microcements can offer the mechanical and technical benefits provided by Cementec Water Resistant, with a built-in anti-slip grain, and suitable for areas in contact with water. Likewise, we have a covering with impressive hardness and resistance: Cementec High Transit, especially suitable in areas which can be most affected by climatic conditions, such as outdoor floors.

Continuous microcement floors and coatings

Cementec offers a wide range of Ready-to-Use products, where ease, speed and aesthetics are very positive aspects when used as decorative flooring or covering.

Continuous facade covering

Microcement facades provide concepts with a strong personality as well as exceptional functionality. It is the undeniable durability of the product, together with its maximum waterproofing, that we really need to calmly enjoy an exclusive design and a very personal touch.

Microcement colours

When we think of microcement, the grey colour of cement comes to mind for most. But the truth is that at CEMENTEC we have a wide range of microcement colours, as well as different textures and finishes. From the most classic range of greys, to cream or brown colours, to the retro colours of the original vintage range. In addition, the possibility of using smoother, more homogeneous finishes (Cementec Standard), as well as more marked and textured ones (Cementec Texture) is offered.

Microcemento advantages

Microcement is a product with plenty of advantages for use as a decorative covering.

  • Expansion joints are not needed (only in cases where the existing surface contains that type of joint, then it must be respected). Microcement flooring does not expand or contract with atmospheric changes (humidity, temperature, etc.) like some materials such wood can. In addition, as it is partly made of acrylic resins, it is very resistant against forces to which it may be subjected.
  • It is a continuous covering where there are no joins between different pieces, instead being a single extension, providing spaciousness, brightness, design and prominence to the decoration chosen.
  • It has a high level of adhesion, which allows it to be used on many different surfaces, such as tiles and stoneware, as well as concrete or cement.
  • It can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • It is an ideal solution for covering floors or walls, as it is not necessary to take out the existing floor or wall covering, avoiding debris.
  • No heavy machinery is required for its application.
  • Easy maintenance and care.
  • Another advantage of microcement floors compared to other types of flooring is that it does not raise the floor level excessively, only a maximum of about 3 millimetres. In this way, it is not necessary to carry out lifting tasks for other elements of the home beyond planning doors.

Advantages of Ready to Use microcement

There are many advantages offered by the use of microcement as a covering, but in addition to them, there are many more that our Cementec Ready-to-Use microcement product provides:

  • We no longer have to weigh and mix; IT IS READY TO USE!
  • Time saved in execution and cleaning
  • Prepared in kits of 5 and 12kg
  • No need for training courses or special skills (ONLY ONLINE TUTORIALS)
  • Greater certainty that no errors are made in pigment and mixture weights
  • No suspended dust, more environmentally friendly and cleaner
  • Waterproofing properties
  • Stable product protected under strict quality control
  • More functional product. No storage needs, reduction of stock
  • Pigments already mixed in the most used colours (and others upon request)
  • Variety of products based on needs
  • Tutorials and complete online training, without presential courses. A series of tutorial videos showing the whole application process are provided.

Microcement problems

  • There are some problems or drawbacks that can affect the microcement; nothing is perfect, but with Cementec, we have carried out exhaustive work analysing and providing solutions. That is why we have turned those little problems around:

  • Application and drying time. Microcement application times can range between 4 days and a week, depending on the square metres, which can considerably delay works. With Cementec, as it is a product that has already been pasted, this time is slightly reduced.

  • If the microcement is damaged due to some type of accident, the repair must be carried out by complete areas, because it is practically impossible to obtain the same tone again. However, with Cementec Ready to Use, it is possible to carry out small repairs and minimise this defect, considerably covering up the repair.

  • Another problem with microcement are the cracks produced by the movement of the base support. However, if we have a high technical quality product like Cementec, and the application is carried out according to the process recommended by Cementec (we provide video tutorials and technical help), there should be no problem. However, if a problem arises, it is not necessarily with the microcement, instead with the work itself.

  • Ineffective waterproofing against rising damp becomes a defective application. When microcement is applied on floors or walls, especially on the ground floor, basements, exteriors, etc., and where there is no waterproofing, this negative humidity can affect the final aesthetics of the microcement. However, Cementec is a microcement with waterproofing properties, which partially reduces and holds back this humidity, not allowing the application to deteriorate. However, in areas of persistent humidity, it is advisable to place a technical waterproofing product before applying the microcement for its total neutralisation.

  • Its price. Microcement is sometimes perceived as an expensive product compared with other flooring materials due to its high price. Firstly, we are talking about a product with a high technological component, and secondly, at Cementec, we have specific price lists to offer the best price-quality ratio in the current market of microcements.

Frequent questions

What is microcement?

It is a continuous decorative covering with a thickness of 2-3mm, with a cement base combined with an extensive formulation of additives, aggregates, polymers and fibres. CEMENTEC allows you to achieve results with high creative value and amazing finishes, thanks to its capacity for customisation provided by its different products, and its wide range of colours and textures.

On what type of surfaces can it be applied?

One of the main advantages of microcement is that it can be applied on almost all types of surfaces, such as cement-based surfaces, self-levelling mortars, ceramic, terrazzo, marble, paving stones and all types of correctly anchored tiles. Furthermore, for walls, the best surface for application is plasterboard or screed plaster. Another advantage of microcement is avoiding the debris generated by the existing covering, facilitating and speeding up refurbishments, for example, in bathrooms, toilets or kitchens.

Is it applied directly or is previous adaptation carried out?

The smoother, better anchored and stronger the surface to be covered is, the less previous adaptation we will have to carry out. Practically no previous adaptation is required when the microcement is directly applied on plasterboard walls or perfectly cast screed plaster. Other rest of surfaces always require previous adaptation. Our company offers different tutorial videos with exhaustive adaptation of surfaces, necessary to avoid any type of future problems. This previous adaptation is carried out using specific products for proper preparation. For example, in the case of surfaces with joins, a previous adaptation with resins, fiberglass meshes and other products has to be carried out to block the appearance of the join in the covering applied.

Can Microcement be applied on parquet or wooden floors?

Parquet or natural wood floors are not rigid enough, and also have a type of elasticity that can cause some issues in microcement such as fissures or cracks. In these cases, it is necessary to take out the existing floor, and assess its suitability for applying the microcement.

Microcement in sinks, bathtubs and wet areas – is microcement waterproof?

Microcement is perfect for application in wet areas such as sinks, bathtubs, shower trays, etc. CEMENTEC® has specific products to be used in wet areas. Furthermore, with the Finish Forte Plus protection system, we provide all the necessary waterproofing to be used as normal, being a unique protector which is currently unparalleled.

Microcement on underfloor heating: is it compatible?

Microcement and underfloor heating are fully compatible. In fact, we would say that microcement is one of the most recommended coverings to be used in this type of flooring, due to both its great thermal conductivity and the comfort it provides. Of course, a small protocol for turning on heating must be carried out prior to application, to avoid possible cracks caused by temperature changes.

Is it necessary to apply fiberglass mesh for microcement?

Microcement is a product with high flexural strength, which increases its ability to prevent fissures or cracks. However, we cannot know precisely what the behaviour of the original base against movements or settlements of the building may be; therefore, we strongly recommend the use of fiberglass mesh on surfaces with joins or cementitious surfaces. In addition, at Cementec we have two types of mesh, 150g/m2 and 80g/m2, depending on the original surface.

Can units be covered with microcement?

Of course it can. We make a large amount of bathroom units, as well as for kitchens and other rooms of your home and business. The ideal surface is on MDF wood or plasterboard and it is a highly recommended decorative possibility.

Does microcement need any type of maintenance?

This is another of the main advantages of microcement; it requires practically no maintenance. As long as the varnish is in good condition, no special maintenance is required. In addition, it can be cleaned with any type of product. In the long term, after a few years and depending on use, protective varnishes can be reapplied with a minimal cost.

Does microcement need joins?

Expansion joints do not have to be carried out during the application of microcement. Only in cases where the existing surface contains that type of join, then they must be respected. However, this will not necessarily be noticeable, as our system allows you to minimise its thickness to make it barely noticeable.

Does microcement support high transit?

Within the variety and range of products that we have, we can offer you our impressive Cementec High Transit. It is a microcement with a high surface resistance, and other values above any standard type of traditional microcement. Recommended for rooms or public areas where foot traffic is much denser or with more intense use. If you are looking for a covering with high hardness and resistance, Cementec High Transit is the best choice.

What is the difference between microcement and concrete?

There are some differences in this regard. We detail some of them: First of all, the thickness of application, as concrete requires thicknesses greater than 2cm, and microcement approximately 2-3mm. The thickness of concrete can easily cause the appearance of cracks. Second, viability: microcement can be applied in many areas where concrete is totally unfeasible. Finally, the aesthetics, as microcement is much more decorative than in concrete.

Do you have a range of colours?

We currently have a wide range of colours with about 16 different shades. In addition, we have the new Vintage range, with 5 shades where an aged and textured style of microcement is offered. Finally, there is the metallic range with 6 different colours for applications where a different and unique touch is sought. In case of needing a different colour from our range, we can customise a different one for applications over 250m2.

Do you want to know more about CEMENTEC microcement?