Cementec Standard


CEMENTEC STANDARD system can be used both on interior walls and floors, which are in optimal conditions to be covered, with a smooth and homogeneous aesthetic.
It is one of our most demanded application systems thanks to its ease of application and excellent results.

It can even be applied in humid areas, such as kitchens or bathrooms, as long as its surface protection is carried out using our FINISH FORTE PLUS, with maximum waterproof and chemical resistance.
As in any of our systems, it can be applied on almost any type of support, tiles, marble, self-levelling, plaster, etc., although it will always be necessary to carry out a previous preparation of the support where it is going to be applied, even if it is a small preparation.

Productos y herramientas

– Standard Base Microcement
– Standard Fino Microcement + Pigment
– Primer
–Finish Forte or Finish Forte Plus

Tool and equipment
– Masking tape
– Microfiber roller
– Plastic bucket
– Stainless steel metal trowel.
– Flexible metal trowel
– Spatula

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