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We are architects, industrialists, managers of our own beliefs… we are entrepreneurs of the emotions, manufacturers of desire, distributors of our image, of our quality and architecture… we are CEMENTEC® people…we believe we are professionals who are trained and licensed to be at your service. We continuously participate in research processes to obtain new products, improve them and make them excellent, creating new forms of presenting architecture under the auspices of modernity and sustainability. All with a view to building skills that convert conflicts into business opportunities. The use of microcement as a finish for vertical facings and floorings, recovering, rescuing a living element that lasts over time and evolves in its formal expression with the passing of the years, lends our design proposals the neutrality characteristic of that which is simple, of the constant natural flow of our spaces. The strength of its expression summarises the keys to understanding that beauty, technology and emotional involvement form part of the very manifestation of architecture and those affected. We introduce the spectacular team that promotes, develops and evolves this idea, so you are able to rely on us for whatever you need.

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