We ARE CEMENTEC, microcement manufacturing company in Spain and around the world

Hi! Welcome to this operations center ready to use in Alicante. It is a pleasure to introduce you what it is much more than a product or service for us. Something on which we focus our efforts 24 hours a day, uniquely and exclusively for you. We are Cementec, the microcement manufacturing company in Spain for distributors, clients and also, we are your trusted microcement applicators.

A priori, it is quite a challenge for a microcement manufacturer like CEMENTEC to communicate the idea that resides at the center of emotions and that makes this product or service an experience around the material and the area where the activity takes place.

Cementec has more than 15 years of experience as a manufacturer of microcement material in Spain and in many other countries around the world. This means that we continue to contribute the best of each one of us in the daily development of our activities. Investigating and testing coatings related to continuous material.

Specifically, ready-to-use microcement is a material considered to be an avant-grade product. Providing us with the conviction that the development of this finishing coating will evolve in the future towards a faster, simpler and more direct trend.

Below, we present the representatives of the team that move, develop and evolve this idea. Promoting and encouraging you to count on us for everything you need when applying or distributing our specialty, ready-to-use microcement.

Our CEMENTEC team: Microcement manufacturer

Our young team leadered by a magnificient laboratory personnel and former chemicals within construction area is continuously investigating to develop new products, improve them and make them excellence. From Cementec, we are the microcement manufacturers that have their minds focused on create new ways of coating the architecture under the premise of modernity and sustainability. The strenght of its expression sums up the keys to understand that the beauty, the technology and the emotional involvement are part of the architecture discourse itself for this decorative coating. 

Thanks to ready to use Microcement, we are able to retrieve a living element which will last over time and will evolve over the years. A material, as microcement manufacturers in Alicante, puts in to our design proposal, the neutrality of the simple and the natural flow or our spaces. But if something motivates us it is the pleasent feeling of supporting and advicing when decorating and providing value with our products in everything that our clients suggest or need. Thus creating a close and sincere relationship with them, because every area applied with Cementec feels like our own space cevery area applied with Cementec feels like our own space                                                     

Accordingly, as Alicante microcement manufacturers, our work supposes a way of interpreting, understanding honesty and naturality of the expression of the material that we use, which is closely related to the way that we connect with the space.                                                       

In the end, we are the microcement manufacturer which has former applicators and they are committed to be at our clients service like you. Thank you for trusting in Cementec, microcement manufacture company in Spain and in the world.

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