Cementec Pool


Microcement pools applied with CEMENTEC POOL have hydrophobic properties in the product itself, which makes it a material especially suitable for this type of area, as it can resist the high compression of retained water in optimal conditions.

The hardness of this product applied in swimming pools also gives a high resistance to scratches and corrosive chemicals. Therefore, we should not worry about chlorine or chemical agents that may be used in it. Its cleaning and maintenance is quite simple and straightforward.

Its aesthetic is smooth and has a continuous colour. In addition, anti-slip particles can be added to our protective finish to improve its slip resistance.

It is very important that the pools are previously prepared, for example, with shotcrete, and have the maximum possible levelling, because our CEMENTEC POOL system has a maximum thickness of 3mm.

Produits et outils

Products and tools

  • Microcement Base Pool
  • Microcement Fino Pool + Pigment
  • Finish Forte Pool

Tools and equipment

  • Masking tape
  • Microfibre roller
  • Plastic bucket
  • Stainless steel metal trowel
  • Flexible metal trowel
  • Spatula
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