Fiberglass mesh


CEMENTEC fiberglass mesh is a material made from a very light type E fiberglass mesh. It is used in our range for surface adaptation for products where our CEMENTEC systems are to be applied.

It has a high efficiency alkaline protection. Thanks to its combination of rigidity and malleability, it is ideal for application on walls and floors, as well as in more specific places, such as benches, units, ceilings, etc.

Produits et outils

CEMENTEC fiberglass mesh is a reticulated lattice used to uniformly distribute the forces exerted by the support on CEMENTEC ready to use microcement systems, and thereby reduce the mechanical deterioration of the product.

This type E fiberglass mesh can be used on corners, protruding elements, etc.

When is fiberglass mesh used?

The fiberglass mesh must be applied in the CEMENTEC BASE or the CEMENTEC HIGH TRANSIT BASE system to create a sandwich layer and be embedded within the thickness of the layer.

There are two ways to apply the fiberglass mesh depending on the type of support we are working with:

If we have a continuous support: self-levelling mortars, resin flooring or plaster walls, it is applied together with the first BASE layer.

Alternatively, in the case of application on a support “with joints” such as tile, terrazzo, marble, stoneware, etc., it is applied in conjunction with our SEAL product prior to BASE layers.

Technical data:

Format in rolls of 50 x 1m (length x width)

Product consumption 1.05m2/m2

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