Final protection of microcement

The final protection of microcement consists of applying a final coat to the surface on which the work or renovation is being carried out. The aim of this is to provide protection and impermeability to the surfaces on which the ready-to-use microcement has been applied. Likewise, the aim is to increase the chemical and mechanical resistance to abrasion or impact. Avoiding, in any case, problems derived from humidity due to contact with water, sunlight or ultraviolet light and cleaning products. The idea is to minimise in any case, the problems of microcement associated with its installation or the subsequent friction it faces, such as: Scratches, fissures, cracks or stains.

Microcement finishes or final protection layers are useful for both indoor and outdoor surfaces. Whether on floors, walls, kitchen worktops, bathrooms, outdoor recreational areas or swimming pools. It achieves a highly waterproof and non-slip quality finish. Use the products below and follow, step by step, our recommendations on how to use them.

How to apply the final protection layers of microcement and achieve a perfect finish?

To explain how to proceed with the application of the final protection layers of microcement, CEMENTEC offers you the following guide. In an easy and simple way, we will introduce everything you need to know in terms of materials, products and complementary tools for the reform or work.

Guide to the application of the final protection layers of microcement

This is the definitive guide for anyone who wants to achieve the best finish.

What tools will you need to apply the products?

  • Bucket.
  • 22-centimetre microfibre roller.
  • Brush.
  • Measuring jug.

What elements will you need to protect those areas that you are not going to cover with ready-to-use microcement?

  • Corrugated cardboard.
  • Black plastic for covering.
  • Masking tape.

What is the appropriate clothing or protective equipment that the applicator should have? 

  • Dust mask.
  • Protective gloves.
  • Protective cap.
  • Knee pads.
  • Comfortable and suitable footwear.
  • Comfortable and clean work clothes.

Final protection products for microcement

Find out about the products that CEMENTEC has developed for use as a finishing coat for microcement:

Primer: Water-based, pore-covering product for surface sealing of ready-to-use microcement. Its great penetration and adherence capacity, confers a generalised uniformity suitable for the subsequent application of finishing coats of varnish. It does not leave residues on the surface due to its great ductility. It is a fast drying product, which enhances the cementitious appearance of the surfaces on which it is applied.
Finish Forte: Two-component, water-based, aliphatic polyurethane varnish. Component A and component B act as colourless finishing catalysts to enhance the cementitious appearance. Surface protection available in matt, satin and gloss.
Finish Forte Plus: Varnish based on aliphatic polyurethane propolymers. Unlike the first one, this one has only one component. The lack of solvents in it and its 100% fixed matter content make it a product with exceptional characteristics. It protects the surface of the micro-cement in the absence of working joints, rises and roller marks. Offering an authentic lacquered appearance. Available in matt, satin and gloss.

In addition, if you prefer to visualise everything we are telling you, Paula, our colleague from the CEMENTEC technical team, will give you a visual representation of the subject that concerns us.

Step-by-step application of the final protection layers of microcement

Before starting this last cycle, you must wait for the appropriate and stipulated drying time for the microcement. Subsequently, the process will begin with the application of the finishing coats of varnish. This process is divided into the following phases:

  1. Apply a first coat of the pore-covering product PRIMER, diluted with 20% water. This product will provide homogeneity and sealing for the subsequent application of the varnishes.
  2. Do this with a short-haired microfibre roller and use the brush for those small corners that are less accessible. As a tip, soak the roller well and wring it out. This will prevent drips from falling on the surface. Do not leave excess material on the surface. Clean the brush and roller with water for the next use.
  3. Wait 3 to 4 hours for an optimal drying period.
  4. Choose between FINISH FORTE and FINISH FORTE PLUS.
  5. Use a clean and large bucket. Pour the components in the correct ratio if you choose the first varnish. That is 5:1. For one litre of component A, 200 millilitres of component B. Mix the mixture with a brush or a low speed mixer. Wait until the bubbles disappear.
  6. Follow the same application procedure as with the PRIMER product.
  7. The drying time between coats of FINISH FORTE will be between 4-6 hours and FINISH FORTE PLUS between 8-12 hours.

By respecting the CEMENTEC application processes, you can give a new decorative concept to your home. Giving it a more attractive, personal and elegant look.