CONSOLIDATOR is a primer that acts as a strengthening layer and adhesion promoter. It is a one component, solvent-free product, formulated based on an acrylic emulsion of extremely fine particles to promote penetration into the support.

It works as an adhesion promoter for absorbent supports, such as:

– Concrete

– Plasters

– Mortars

– Etc.

In addition, CONSOLIDATOR restores the consistency of slightly weakened supports and hardens them superficially.

It adheres to any support, is fast-drying, waterproof and breathable. It is used both indoors and outdoors to seal and anchor all surfaces where any of our products are going to be applied.

In addition, it prevents the dehydration of CEMENTEC ready-to-use microcement products through the support.

Produits et outils

CONSOLIDATOR is applied as a previous layer to the CEMENTEC STANDARD and WATER RESISTANT systems.

Its application is carried out in one layer, both on floors and walls.

Technical data:

Format in 5L bottle and 1L pot.

Product consumption 0.05L/m2

Material: Bucket, roller and brush

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