Products to clean the microcement

Microcement has become one of the most used decorative coatings nowadays. It is used to cover a large number of surfaces in order to create spectacular furniture, walls and floors. One of the most frequent questions when applying a microcement floor is, what product does have to be used to clean it with? For this reason, in this post, we are going to talk about the products to clean the microcement.

How to maintain microcement

Microcement floors and walls look great at first, but poor care can cause them to deteriorate over time. Therefore, if you want that your microcement floor lasts forever, you must use the appropriate cleaning products.

Neutral soap: The neutral soap is the product to clean the microcement par excellence. Diluted in water, you can mop the microcement floor or wipe, with a damp cloth, microcement walls or sinks. We achieve, not only cleaning the surface, maintaining the quality and good condition of the microcement. Our LIMP product is one of the best products to clean the microcement.

Natural wax: Microcement floors usually have a water-based top coating which provides that special and final touch. That is why it is important to carry out a maintenance using waxes. Once every two weeks, it is recommended to apply a natural wax. In this way, natural wax will absorb the foot wear leaving the top coating intact. Our MANTEN product is a water-based natural wax ideal to maintain water-based top coating such as FINISH FORTE.

Can i clean a microcement floor with any type of product?

Microcement coatings sometimes are protected with top coatings (Finishes) which are not water-based. For instance, when it is applied our High Transit or Industry system.Those microcement systems, aimed to high foot traffic areas (indoors and outdoors), are protected with a 100% solid content polyurethane varnish, which allows us to clean them with cleaning material such as bleach, alcohol, solvent, etc. And, the most important, any type of maintenance wax must be applied on them.

Whether you are a professional applicator, or if you are going to apply the microcement yourself, we hope we have helped you to know which types of cares need microcement floors.

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