Microcement properties and its characteristics, a versatile material on 2023

The microcement was a completely unknown material by reformers and customers so far. However, this material has grown exponentially, so we don’t talk about it as a type of continuous coating from the future, but as our favourite choice of the Present. Its benefits and advantages make it a versatile material for this 2023. Remarking as a differential element, all aspects related to microcement properties.

Do you want to know which are the 8 microcement advantages that will make you decide for this material? Why do experts choose it when knowing each and every one of the properties of microcement?

We invite you to discover along with CEMENTEC, the ready-to-use microcement. The decorative coating of the moment.

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Microcement advantages, why should you use microcement ready to use?

For this reason, we came here to show you each and every one of the microcement advantages that will make you fall in love with it, and that will make this your product par excellence.

1. Wide range of microcement colours and its properties

Do you like warm colours or do you prefer cold ones? Are you those who don’t mind taking risks? The possibilities offered by the different types of colour pigments are outrageous. Let yourself go to your creativity and take advantage of the absence of limitations when opting for a ready-to-use microcement colour.

2. Usefull for all areas and rooms

If there is one thing to underline among the microcement advantages, it is its chameleon effect. Its ability to adapt to each and every surface makes it really effective. The fact that it has a high adherence degree makes it a priority over other materials.

3. Top level decorative coating

For indoor and outdoor applications, it is the decorative coating with the widest possible range of uses. Any home, business or company has an area for microcement. Whether on floors, ceilings, walls, swimming pools, terraces or even furniture. Amazing, isn’t it? 

4. High resistence to impacts

Bathroom where Cementec ready-to-use microcement has been applied.

Are you worried about the care of your microcement? One of its properties is its resistance capacity. A material that perfectly leads the guarantee of product excellence, experiencing great resistance to foot wear, UV rays, liquids or mechanical strength.

5. Renovation withour debris, quick installation

Thinking of carrying out your renovation with ready-to-use microcement? You chose the right material! If you do not want works that involve debris, a large amount of dust or a general disorder, among the properties of microcement is its application way.

Eliminate the secondary aspects of a work and enjoy its advantages!

6. Maintenance and cleaning as microcement properties

Based on the previous point, not only the renovation is simplified, but the cleaning and maintenance required in this type of coating is minimum compared to other types of materials or decorative coatings.

If you want to know the recommendations that CEMENTEC offers you to clean your microcement, we leave them here.

7. Its minimum thickness is valuable

Another of the advantages within the microcement attributes is its adherence. You can apply a thin coating of microcement between 2 and 3 mm with an imperceptible final result and without excessively increasing the level of the floor. You won’t even need to modify the doors!

It is something wonderful!

8. Price-quality guaranteed on microcement and its advantages

Finally, not having to remove prior surfaces when applying the microcement guarantees a drastic price reduction. From this it is possible to give a touch of quality, elegance or distinction at a competitive price.

Microcement properties and its benefits

Chill out area in a house where the benefits and properties of microcement can be seen.

Why do we say that ready-to-use microcement is the ideal material for all types of renovations in 2023? Its numerous benefits or attributes support our claim.

Do you want to meet them?

Microcement characteristics: Find out microcement properties with Cementec

In short, ready-to-use microcement allows:

  • Its compressive strength and wear resistance make it a decorative coating with high mechanical resistance.
  • The waterproof finish guarantees its use on wet surfaces that may even be in direct contact with water (for example, showers or swimming pools).
  • With non-slip properties, it is an ideal material for children and the elderly.
  • It has no barriers in terms of creative possibilities, due to the almost unlimited number of colours.
  • Applicable to all types of surfaces, due to something that was highlighted throughout the article, its ability to adhere.
  • Pure resistance. Lasting and long-term results.
  • It allows to be applied with a minimum of knowledge and step by step. Even so, it is recommended for a quality job, a professional or certified applicator be the one to install it.
  • Easy maintenance and minimum thickness 2-3 mm hardly appreciable.
  • As it does not contain work joints, the ready-to-use microcement is visually continuous.
  • Versatility allows its use on walls, floors, exteriors or furniture.
  • It is resistant to fire because it does not burn. And, in addition, it does not produce smoke or toxic gases.
  • Reflects light and heat radiation.
  • It is an aseptic material, low in allergenic and antistatic levels.
  • It barely generates dirt or debris in its application. Carrying out renovations with microcement allows us to eliminate all these secondary factors that negatively affect the works.

You already know everything you need to opt for microcement. We hope this information has helped you to consider and consolidate ready-to-use microcement as the versatile material for any renovation you need to do in your home or office.

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