Microcement sand colour: elegance minimalist and contemporary for interiors

Imagine one sunset at the beach, the sand is gentle and it caresses your feet and in the last rays of the sun dance over it, creating a blanket of serenity and unmatched beauty. Do you want these peace and essence in your home? The microcement sand colour is the reflection of that tranquillity and natural aesthetics, becoming an increasingly popular option among those people looking for a modern and minimalist finish in their renovation projects.

Opt for microcement sand colour it isn´t only one aesthetic selection, it is one practical and durable too.  Its neutral hue harmonizes effortlessly with a variety of decorative styles and furnishings, providing a versatile base on which to work in transforming any space.

From Cementec, we want to guide you through the advantages and possibilities that sand colour microcement offers. Throughout this article you will find recommendations, practical tips and everything you need to know to make this colour the ideal choice for your next project. Will you join this transformation adventure?

What is the microcement sand colour?

microcement sand colour

The microcement sand colour is simpler than the traditional microcement one, manifestation of beauty and naturalness. Inspired by beaches and deserts, this colour carries with it a promise of luminosity and spaciousness, transforming spaces into places of tranquillity and relaxation.

This Cementec colour pigmentation is not just an aesthetic choice, is an invitation to create new ambience to reflect the serenity of the natural world. By integrating the sand colour into the microcement, the robustness and versatility of the material is combined with a colour palette that evokes open, light-filled spaces. It is an ideal option for those seeking to unite the art of nature with the modernity of contemporary designs in their projects.

This microcement colour, could be applicated in floors, walls and in furniture, can offer a sensation of continuity that few materials can match. Its ability to adapt to different styles makes it a perfect option for both residential and commercial spaces, promising to bring a little piece of nature to any environment.

Characteristics and decorative styles of sand colour microcement

Thus, colour microcement stands out for presenting a series of characteristics, which we summarize below:

  • Ability to combine with other materials: works well in combination with materials such as: wood, metal, glass and textiles. This allows for balanced and harmonious interiors to be generated.
  • Generate visual harmony on various surfaces: it can be applied to floors, walls and furniture, offering a continuous and seamless finish that reinforces the feeling of unity and fluidity in interior design.
  • Ideal for different environments: ideal for living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and commercial spaces.

In addition to the aforementioned characteristics, sand coloured microcement aligns perfectly with contemporary and minimalist decorative styles, standing out for:

  • Combine with clean lines and geometric shapes: in both styles, sand colour microcement works well with clean lines and geometric shapes, providing a subtle but effective contrast that highlights the modernity of the space.
  • Be used in architectural and decorative elements: in the decoration of contemporary and minimalist interiors, this microcement colour can be used not only on floors and walls, but also in architectural elements such as columns, stairs, and in decorative furniture, reinforcing the visual cohesion of the space.
  • Create relaxed and elegant environments: This tone helps create a relaxed and elegant environment, in line with the aesthetics and philosophy of these decorative styles, where a balance between beauty and functionality is sought.

Advantages of sand colour microcement over other colours

Likewise, sand colour microcement offers a series of unique advantages compared to other more traditional colours. Its versatility and aesthetics make it the favourite choice for those looking for a combination of functionality and design. Here we highlight its main benefits:

  • Warmth and naturalness: The colouring of the microcement sand colour infuses a feeling of warmth and naturalness into any space. This tone evokes the softness and serenity of nature, creating cozy and calm environments.
  • Brightness and spaciousness: this colour is ideal for generating a visual sensation of greater luminosity and spaciousness, especially in small spaces or with limited lighting. Its light, neutral tone reflects light, making spaces appear larger and more open.

Get inspired! Explore the possibilities of the sand colour in various indoor or outdoor surfaces

In line with the above, sand colour microcement can completely transform both interior and exterior spaces. From continuous floors to textured walls, furniture, and even swimming pools, this microcement colour adapts to any support and decorative style.

For this reason and thanks to its ability to create jointless surfaces, it becomes an ideal choice for those looking to renew their space with a contemporary and minimalist touch.

Discover how you can incorporate this colour into your home or commercial project, and let the inspiration flow through you!

 Microcement sand colour in furniture

Bathroom front in which wood and ready-to-use microcement finishes are mixed.
Image of countertop with two washbasins, applied with sand-coloured Cementec Water Resistant.
  • Furniture transformation: sand colour microcement is perfect for renovating old furniture or giving a new look to contemporary pieces. From dining tables to shelves and cabinets, this covering adds a touch of elegance and modernity.
  • Creation of kitchen and bathroom countertops: its use in kitchen and bathroom countertops offers a resistant, hygienic and easy-to-clean surface, combining functionality with an attractive and warm aesthetic design.

Microcement in sand colour in floor

Walls and floors in sand-coloured microcement by Cementec.
Flat floor where Cementec Estandar sand-coloured Cementec was applied.
  • Integration into modern kitchens: ideal for kitchens with a contemporary design. This microcement colour on floors provides uniformity and a feeling of purity, especially when combined with light colour furniture.
  • Solutions for open spaces: perfect for open concept areas, such as living rooms or commercial premises / companies. Creates a smooth transition between different rooms, maintaining the aesthetic cohesion of the space.

Microcement colour sand in walls

Kitchen finished with sand-coloured microcement.
Elegant kitchen where sand colours have been used on the floor and the front of the walls.
  • Contemporary aesthetics in living rooms and bedrooms: applied to walls, it offers a neutral and calming background that enhances furniture and decoration, suitable for living rooms and bedrooms looking for a touch of modernity.
  • Textured effect for bathrooms and kitchens: sand colour microcement on walls can be used to create a textured effect, providing depth and character to these functional spaces.

How to apply sand colour microcement step by step

If you are wondering how to apply sand colour microcement in your renovation, here we detail the essential step by step that you must follow:

  1. Surface preparation: before applying microcement, the surface must be clean, dry and level. It is important to repair any cracks or irregularities.
  2. Prior products: apply a layer of primer to improve the adhesion of the microcement to the surface.
  3. Application of the base: Once the primer is dry, apply a microcement base, which will serve as an adhesion layer between the support and the sand colour microcement.
  4. Mix the pigment with the microcement: The sand colour is obtained by homogeneously mixing the pigment with the microcement before applying the second layer.
  5. Application of sand colour microcement: apply this colour with a trowel in thin layers.
  6. Drying and sanding: Let each coat dry and sand gently before applying the next.
  7. Sealing: Finally, seal the surface with a protective varnish to ensure durability and water resistance.

We remember that, although microcement can be self-applied by an individual, it is highly recommended to have the services of specialized microcement applicators to enjoy a perfect finish.

Likewise, at Cementec we remember that colour microcement is one of the 5 microcement colours that are trending in interior decoration. If you want to know the rest in case you change your mind, visit our previous article!

Maintenance and care of the pigmentation of sand colour microcement

Finally, and to maintain and care for the pigmentation of sand colour microcement, it is important to follow some guidelines to ensure that it lasts a long time. Here we provide you with some tips:

  • Regular cleaning:
    • Clean the microcement surface regularly with a soft cloth or mop. Avoid using brushes or rough cloths that could scratch the surface.
    • Use mild or specific microcement cleaning products and warm water. Avoid abrasive or acidic cleaning products, as they can damage the pigmentation and sealant.
  • Avoid spills and stains:
    • Clean up any spilled liquids immediately to prevent stains from penetrating the microcement.
    • Use coasters and placemats to protect food and drink surfaces.
  • Sealing and maintenance:
    • The microcement must be properly sealed to protect the pigmentation and facilitate cleaning. Consult Cementec for guidance on sealing and specific maintenance.
  • Avoid sharp objects:
    • Avoid dragging heavy or sharp objects on the microcement surface to prevent scratches.
  • Regular inspection:
    • Perform regular inspections for any signs of wear or damage to the microcement pigmentation and address any issues in a timely manner.


In summary, sand colour microcement is an aesthetically and functionally versatile choice to transform your spaces into an oasis of minimalist and contemporary elegance. Its ability to combine with a variety of materials and decorative styles, its versatility in applications on floors, walls and furniture, as well as its ability to create bright and welcoming environments, make it a popular option for your renovation project.

At Cementec, we are here to help you make the most of the possibilities of sand colour microcement and guide your transformation project. Go ahead and bring a touch of serenity and modernity to your spaces!

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