Microcement sink: Aesthetic harmony and usefulnes for your bathroom

Renovating bathrooms can be a challenging process. Especially if you have jumped into previous problems in any of its appliqués. Showers, bathtubs, bidets or sinks can cause conventional humidity problems, lack of durability or difficulties in achieving a design that avoids stagnant water. However, and speaking especially of these last appliqués, there is an effective solution that can satisfy your needs and overcome all these inconveniences: coating your sink with microcement.

Microcement sinks offer a stylized and uniform appearance that provides continuity to your bathroom renovation. With their innovative design, they eliminate any type of joint or visible separation between the basin structure and the wall, achieving an impeccable visual appearance. This feature not only provides an elegant style, but also allows other masonry, plumbing and electrical work to be carried out simultaneously, streamlining processes and reducing associated costs.

Cementec wants to show you the reasons that will lead you to choose a microcement sink over other conventional versions. In addition, we will guide you through the installation process so that you can know the necessary steps for your enjoyment. Finally, you will also learn how to combine the microcement sink with other elements in your bathroom, creating a harmonious and sophisticated aesthetic.

Interested? Keep reading to discover all the possibilities offered by the microcement sink!

Advantages of renovation your sink with microcement

Application of microcement in commercial premises washbasins with Cementec.
Wooden dm washbasin bench, covered in Cementec Estádar Toffe colour by Cementec.

If you are looking to transform your bathroom and give it a modern and sophisticated touch, coating your sink with microcement is an option you should definitely consider. Below, we will explore some of the main advantages that make the microcement sink a popular choice. These reasons will allow you to understand why more and more people are choosing microcement as the perfect solution for their bathroom renovations.

  • Durability: Microcemento is known due to its high durability and resistance. Once correctly applied and sealed, the microcement sink becomes wear resistant, waterproof and resistant to cleaning products without suffering any alteration (in a daily use)
  • Customised style: Change your sink using microcement gives a chance of creating a unique and customized design. You can adapt your sink to your taste with our wide colour array and Standard Finish of Cementec to get the environment that you have always desired.
  • Ease maintenance: Its smooth, non-porous surface prevents the accumulation of dirt and bacteria, making it easy to clean daily. Plus, its resistance to stains and common bathroom chemicals makes maintenance even easier.
  • Versatility: The microcement sink can be adapted to different decorative styles, from a minimalist and modern approach to a more rustic and natural one. Similarly, microcement is easily combined with other materials, such as wood, stone or tiles, allowing you to create interesting visual combinations and contrasts in your bathroom.

Microcement sink features

Accordingly, the microcement sink offers a series of unique features that set it apart from traditional sinks. Among many of them, we can highlight the following: 

  • Create a slope towards the drain: In general, the microcement sink is designed in such a way that it has an inclined slope towards the drain to avoid stagnant water ensuring an efficient flow. 
  • Reinforce the edges and corners: Although it is not strictly necessary, it is recommended to reinforce the edges of the microcement sink with aluminum profiles. In this way, you can get high quality, consistency and design with a solid and aesthetic finish. 
  • Waterproofing: The use of sealants and technical finishing products to protect from water means that microcement sinks can withstand humidity and direct contact with water without any damaging, which guarantees its durability and ease its cleaning.
  • No marks neither stain. Unlike other materials that can show watermarks or stains after use, it is not needed to clean and dry a microcement sink every time it is used. This provides you comfort and saves time, and also ensures that your microcement sink remains visually good all the time, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your bathroom.
  • Several aesthetic possibilities: As we have previously mentioned, the versatility of microcement along with the aesthetic possibilities of sinks in bathrooms opens up a range of decorative possibilities that we will expand on later in another section dedicated especially to it.

Application process: Microcement sinks

Microcement sink with 4 taps. Square-shaped bench made by Cementec.
Square washbasin bench integrated in a single unit, located in a well-known hotel in Toledo.

On average, the microcement coating or application processes in sinks generally follow below steps.

1. Prior surface preparation

Before starting the application of the microcement in the sink, it is necessary to adequately prepare the surface. This involves thoroughly cleaning the existing sink, removing any debris or loose material, and making sure it is dry and free of grease and humidity.

2. Base coats application

Once prior surface is prepared, it is applied a first microcement base coat. This coat regularizes the surface and provides adherence to the subsequent coats. It is applied using a trowel and a spatula, stretching out the material in an uniform way on all the sink. A second coat will be applied following the same steps.

3. Decorative microcement coats application

After the base coats have dried, two decorative microcement coats are applied. In this specific case, the ideal would be to choose Standard Finish of Cementec. It stretches evenly on the sink, completely covering the surface and ensuring there are no uneven areas.

4. Seal and protection

Finally, and once the microcement is completely dry, Finish Forte Plus sealant is applied to protect the surface of the sink from humidity, stains and wear.

It is recommended that experts or certified professional carry out the application process. However, if you decide to carry out the renovation with microcement step by step, we recommend you visit this post. It is important to respect drying and curing times established in Technical data detailed in each product.

How to combine Microcement sinks with the rest of elements in your bathroom

Do you need inspiration on how to combine your microcement sink with the rest of the elements in your bathroom? Here are some ideas and tips for achieving visually appealing aesthetic harmony:

  1. Walls and floors: If you have chosen a microcement sink, consider using the same material on the walls or the floor to create visual continuity. The uniformity of the material will bring coherence to the space.
  2. Countertops and shelves: Choose materials that complement the microcement sink. Countertops made of natural stone, wood, or even another type of micro-cement countertop finish can combine well with the sink, creating a sense of balance and harmony.
  3. Accessories and taps: Consider the choice of accessories and taps that suit the style of the microcement sink. opt for minimalist and modern design elements, such as taps and accessories in metallic or matte finishes, which complement the elegant and contemporary aesthetic of the micro-cement sink.
  4. Lighting: Proper lighting can enhance the beauty of the microcement sink and highlight its presence in the bathroom. Consider installing recessed lights or sconces that focus directly on the sink, highlighting its texture and creating a striking visual effect.
  5. Mirrors and furniture: Opt for framed mirrors or with finishes that harmonize with the microcement sink. Bathroom furniture in neutral tones or natural materials such as wood can perfectly complement the modern and sophisticated style of the micro-cement sink.

If you have any doubts, it is always advisable to contact a professional specialised in the use of microcement to obtain personalised advice and ensure an exceptional aesthetic and functional result. Furthermore, you can also take a look at the following article in which we show you the 5 reasons why you should renovate your bathroom with ready-to-use microcement.


Plasterboard support of microcement washbasin as a home finish by Cementec.
Plasterboard washbasin support, applied in Cementec Standard white by Cementec.

Finally, renovating your sink with ready-to-use microcement is an intelligent and stylish choice to transform your bathroom. Microcement sinks offer a series of advantages, such as exceptional durability, custom design, good drainage, edge reinforcement, waterproofing, and wide aesthetic possibilities.

By choosing microcement for your sink, you will not only enjoy a unique and modern look, but you will also ensure long-term resistance and functionality. Do not hesitate to explore the possibilities offered by microcement to create a dream sink that adapts to your needs and it reflects your personal style. Take the plunge and transform your bathroom with a microcement sink!

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