Microcement finish

Microcement is a decorative coating made up of two basic elements, powder and liquid resin. In addition, it is a continuous material as it does not require expansion joints. And it avoids all types of cracks that may be caused in the polymerisation and hardening processes, given the qualities defined or contained in the microcement finish.

It therefore achieves a balance between hardness and flexibility typical of constant paving. This decorative coating, given the set of properties that the microcement finish possesses, can be applied on all types of surfaces, both firm and consolidated. Floors, walls, furniture cladding, in interior and exterior rooms, there will be no surface that can resist this material.

Designers and architects are becoming increasingly aware of this. Ready-to-use microcement offers a series of infinite possibilities in terms of appearance, which other materials are not capable of supporting. The ideal choice. Colour, texture and finish.

Textures and finish ready-to-use microcement

From CEMENTEC, as manufacturers and suppliers of ready-to-use microcement, we have products that are specifically adapted to the place or surface on which we want to make the application and should be chosen depending on the finish or effect we want to achieve.

So, is it possible to achieve a wide variety of finishes when applying ready-to-use microcement? Yes, it all depends on how it is applied, the type of texture to which the coating is to be adhered and the choice of microcement finish chosen when applying the sealer.

To distinguish between the different textures of microcement, we should do so according to the size of the grain itself and its roughness. This aspect will give the final appearance or define the microcement finish.

Therefore, we define the types of microcement textures as follows:

Walls: In which a fine grain is used on average. No irregularities are noticed and the surface is flat to the touch.
Flooring: There are two types depending on whether it has to be subjected to internal or external factors.
Indoor flooring or covering: With a higher resistance than that used on the walls themselves, this covering is used with a medium texture.
Outdoor flooring or covering: Characterised by its anti-slip properties, it is much rougher and has a coarse grain that imitates the pores of stones.
Swimming pools: Its waterproofing behaviour means that this is a specific coating that is resistant, for example, to chlorine in water and other chemical products.

Likewise, the porosity prevailing in ready-to-use microcement makes it necessary to apply a final sealing layer that both waterproofs and protects against stains. This will be done with the CEMENTEC PRIMER pore-covering product.

This sealant will be applied depending on the microcement finish you wish to obtain:

Gloss: Perhaps this is the one that can best highlight the different types of colours that you can choose from among the options of this material. It does, however, give back a series of visible sparkles that some people are not entirely convinced by. A matter of taste, if you want to shine, this is your choice.
Matte: It highlights less the colours and the light reflected on it. It is somewhat darker and lacks shine. It does not generate sparkles, it is the ideal option for those who are not convinced with the previous finish.
Satin: The middle ground. The winning bet for the undecided. It reflects the light slightly through a smooth and somewhat shiny surface.

With this in mind, at CEMENTEC we wanted to establish 3 categories to create a differentiation within our products related to microcement finishes. They include different by-products according to their different qualities.

To begin with, we find the PURE range of CEMENTEC. This, in turn, includes the CEMENTEC STANDARD product (the basic or most common microcement of all, the CEMENTEC TEXTURE product (a variation characterised by incorporating a textured appearance) and the CEMENTEC VINTAGE product (for the more “retro”, adopting a kind of mopped effect that simulates the antique effect).

Another of the ranges to highlight is CEMENTEC’s WATER RESISTANT range. In this, we find products such as CEMENTEC WATER RESISTANT (ideal for those areas in contact with water or humidity, such as bathrooms) or the product CEMENTEC POOL (indicated for the coating of swimming pools).

The last of the ranges is CEMENTEC’s EXTREME range. It is made up of a product that simulates the visual appearance of terrazzo and resists high pedestrian traffic and light hand machinery, such as the product CEMENTEC HIGH TRANSIT. And a simplification of this, for surfaces with moderate traffic and maintaining the simulation of terrazzo but incorporating the features of a continuous coating, the product CEMENTEC MICROTERRAZO.

Finally, we consider the application of protective coatings and subsequent maintenance through regular cleaning to be essential. In the first case, you can choose between two products.

CEMENTEC’s FINISH FORTE, is a varnish that acts as a catalyst, mainly focused on enhancing the cementitious aspect. It provides the surface protection expected of it and has a colourless finish.

On the other hand, CEMENTEC’s FINISH FORTE PLUS, provides a series of additional characteristics to the previous base product. This is associated with the absence of working joints or roller marks, providing a really successful lacquered appearance.

And despite the fact that maintenance on microcement is much lighter and less recurrent than on other types of materials. It is true that we must be aware of applying the composition or the ideal material for it.

LIMP by CEMENTEC as a neutral soap, will provide you with the cleanliness and the microcement finish you are looking for and need.