Advantages of microcement at your home and FAQs

When we talking about Ready-to-Use microcement, we are talking about the decorative coating par excellence. In fact, this statement is supported by its many benefits. Using this type of material in a renovation job or a new job will provide an added value which you will only be able to know if you stay here and pay attention of the advantages of microcement with us.

Let us remember that microcement, understood as such, is a type of continuous decorative coating. It is a material that hardens quickly after its application and does not require expansion joints. Its composition is based on a mixture of acrylic resin and polymers. The result is a uniform paste, which is easy to apply on walls, ceilings and floors.

The appearance, the no-limitation of choosing colours and its price, are some of the characteristics that make microcement stand out over other finishes. For all this reasons and more, do not miss the answer of some of the most FAQs that our customers notify to our applicators. In the same way, the main advantages of microcement.

Let’s start!

Profit of microcement in housing and on flooring

They exist and, furthermore, they are many. From CEMENTEC we want to anticipate four advantages to whet your appetite. Interior designers and architects call them: “the 4 great advantages of microcement in homes” and we have decided to tell you about them.

Ready? Well, especially, microcement stands out for its resistance to high temperatures, wear or the transit of people or heavy objects. Its waterproof quality (ideal for bathrooms, kitchens or outdoor rooms). And finally, the exclusive finish, as well as customization.

However, let’s go a step further. Not only do we find these aspects positive, but we can also highlight other variables when we analyse the advantages of microcement.

Main advantages of microcement indoor

Let’s consider, in a more extensive way, all the benefits of applying this decorative coating in homes:

  • Ready-to-use microcement is a type of decorative coating applied on a previous surface. This means that, in its application, it is a much finer material than the usual cement. And in addition, it is totally adherent to any type of pavements, tiles, etc.
  • Get a quality finish, combining perfectly with other elements in your home.
  • It has high resistance to water, high temperatures and adverse weather conditions. The sealing process to which the microcement must be subjected gives it resistance to hits and scratches, possibly caused by people or work materials. Durability is one of the words that most define ready-to-use microcement.
  • It has a non-slip feature, perfect for wet rooms or surfaces such as bathrooms, outdoor rooms or even some parts of the kitchen.
  • One of the most important microcement advantages is its elaboration with natural elements. Not including, harmful substances.● Likewise, it is a fireproof material, capable of transmitting heat and intensifying colours depending on the light.

Main advantages of microcement in flooring

cementec customer's exterior floor to see the advantages of microcement

On the other hand, at CEMENTEC we also believe that it is relevant to devote a specific point to what is related to microcement floors, advantages and disadvantages. 

One of the most demanded services is the installation of microcement floors in both rustic houses and apartments in buildings.
Although they share many aspects already mentioned previously, let’s see those that we can analyse as complementary about microcement floors, advantages and disadvantages:

  • Something extraordinary: Microcement does not require expansion joints. This is possible, because it is a material that neither expands nor contracts.
  • One of the problems associated with the installation of floors arises with the joining of the pieces. In this case, you avoid this by being a uniform surface.
  • It is a material that easily adheres to any previous surface.
  • Avoid major works and the presence of debris due to its simple application.● Does not require rough or recurrent maintenance in the short term.

What do you think about it? And all this as positive factors. Now, let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of microcement floors, focusing on the latter. It is true that, despite the fact that you can carry out your own microcement installation you should have at least some basic knowledge about it. Not everyone can do it and from CEMENTEC, we recommend its installation through the service of an applicator. 
Likewise, there are other types of factors to consider when installing microcement floors at homes. We detailed about it in another post, please check it here.

FAQs about microcement Ready-to-use

Next, and based on the experience of our applicators and commercials, we will answer some frequently asked questions that are related to the advantages of microcement that we have developed during this article. que hemos desarrollado durante este artículo.

Is microcement resistant?

Yes, it is. Microcement is a resistant material or decorative coating in all its areas of application: walls, floors, countertops, coatings, etc.

Does microcement require maintenance and cares?

image of clothes shop to explain the advantages of microcement in cleaning and maintenance

Perhaps this is one of the keys. The maintenance and cleaning of any renovation carried out with microcement is reduced to periodic care. As it has resistant properties and after the application of the top coating layer, the microcement will only require a specific cleaning. This will be executed with a neutral soap diluted with water.

Over the years or, on those areas in which the material has suffered more, the application of natural wax will be necessary or a new layer of top coating, depending on the imperfections.If you want to go even more in depth, don’t miss the CEMENTEC cleaning and maintenance products.

Can I choose the microcement finish to match with my renovation?

That’s how it is. There are as many possible finishes as textures you can find. You can adapt the microcement to the type of surface and the general style that you want to apply to your room. And to all this, add the wide chromatic range of colors…

If you had any questions about whether or not to use ready-to-use microcement in your next renovation, we hope we have solved them thanks to all its advantages. You will not regret when choosing it.

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