5 ideas of microcement and wood kitchen for your reform

Do you love microcement and wood kitchens on Pinterest? If the answer is yes and if you have fallen in love with the dazzling microcement and wood kitchen that you have seen on the networks, this is the perfect place to start making your dream come true! The combination of these two materials is a winning bet to elevate both the style and the functionality of this very special space.

The kitchen is, without a doubt, that special place where culinary magic and shared moments come to life. Therefore, it deserves a reform that elevates it to a new level of splendor. Imagine a kitchen that not only takes your breath away, but also becomes the heart of your home, ready to welcome family and friends with a charm capable of captivating anyone who steps foot in it. Have you dreamed of her?

Prepare to be seduced by the magic of contrasts and modern elegance. In this article, from Cementec we have compiled the most inspiring ideas about the combination of microcement and wood in kitchens and, in addition, we will provide you with the best advice that expert applicators can offer you to help you clear up any uncertainty.

We are about to get the most out of your creativity and start guiding you towards the kitchen renovation of your dreams.

Can you come with us?

Why combine microcement and wood in the kitchen?

When the strength and modernity of ready-to-use microcement blend with the naturalness of wood, a visual symphony is created that will transform your kitchen into a unique and functional place. Every time you set foot in this harmonious environment, you will feel how inspiration flows and culinary creativity awakens. The combination of microcement and natural wood gives you more than just a style; It offers you the opportunity to enjoy an environment that adapts to your needs and becomes the epicentre of your home.

What makes this fusion between microcement and wood so special? The answer is simple and fascinating. Both materials, apparently opposite, complement each other masterfully, giving your kitchen a unique balance and a charm that is hard to resist. On the one hand, ready-to-use microcement, with its polished and contemporary appearance, provides unmatched elegance and versatility. On the other hand, natural wood gives us the warmth, texture and that connection with nature that we so long for in our homes.

So if you dream of a kitchen that reflects your personality and elevates your senses, look no further. Discover, together with Cementec, how to achieve a kitchen that transcends expectations and that makes you feel proud of your choice.

How to effectively combine the ready-to-use microcement kitchen and wood

Microcement and white wood kitchen refurbished by Cementec.
Wall and kitchen front applied in Cementec, together with wooden cupboard furniture.

When it comes to combining ready-to-use microcement and wood in your kitchen, the key is to find a perfect balance between modernity and warmth. By fusing these qualities, you will achieve a kitchen that transcends trends and becomes a timeless space where functionality and style go hand in hand.

The result? A kitchen that captivates all the senses, where cooking, sharing and creating special moments becomes a real pleasure. Discover, together with Cementec, the best decoration tips or advice in your microcement and wood kitchen.

Decorative tips for your kitchen renovation

Accordingly, to achieve an effective combination between ready-to-use microcement and wood in your kitchen, we present some decorative tips that will help you obtain a spectacular result:

  1. Harmonious contrast: Use microcement on walls and floors to create a modern and uniform background. Then, incorporate wood elements into furniture and accessories to add warmth and texture.
  2. Wooden furniture with microcement details: Add details in microcement, such as microcement countertops or backsplashes. This combination will give your kitchen a touch of originality and style.
  3. Balance of tones: Choose neutral and soft tones of microcement and wood that complement each other.
  4. Adequate lighting: Use recessed lights or directional spotlights to highlight the areas with microcement and create focal points of light in the wooden areas to enhance their natural beauty.
  5. Decorative details: Add decorative details such as wooden cutting boards, kitchen utensils with microcement handles, or wooden shelves on walls lined with microcement.

5 decorative styles for the reform of your kitchen with microcement and wood

Indeed, the combination between microcement and wood opens the doors to endless possibilities to renovate your kitchen. If you are looking for inspiration to create a space that reflects your personality and suits you, we present 5 decorative styles that will elevate your kitchen to another level.

What style will suit you best? Checkit!

Rustic-modern style in the microcement and wood kitchen

The rustic-modern style in the microcement and wood kitchen is a fusion that combines the best of two worlds: the warmth and charm of a rustic environment with the elegance and modernity of contemporary finishes. This aesthetic achieves a kitchen with its own personality, where nature and sophistication come together to create a unique and welcoming space.

The microcement walls, with their polished texture and impeccable finish, establish a modern base that serves as the perfect canvas to highlight the rustic details. The wooden furniture in natural tones, whether aged or varnished, provide that rustic essence that transports us to cozy country environments.

To complete the rustic-modern style, accessories and decorative details play a fundamental role. Elements such as industrial design lamps, stone or ceramic countertops with vintage finishes, and wrought iron shelves add a contemporary and urban touch that enhances the personality of this style.

The colour palette is based on warm and natural tones, such as browns, greys, beiges and whites, creating a relaxing and harmonious atmosphere. Natural light is key to bringing out the beauty of this style, so it’s important to keep windows clear so light fills the space.

In short, the rustic-modern style in the microcement and wood kitchen invites you to enjoy an environment where each element complements each other to create a unique atmosphere.

Minimalist style in the microcement and wood kitchen

Likewise, the minimalist style in the microcement and wood kitchen is an elegant and functional bet that stands out for its simplicity and sophistication. This aesthetic focuses on the premise “less is more”, creating an uncluttered and harmonious space where each element has a unique purpose and beauty.

Microcement becomes the perfect choice for walls and floors, creating a neutral and modern base that highlights the natural beauty of wood. Kitchen cabinets in wood in light or medium tones, with straight and simple lines, provide a warm and welcoming touch that perfectly complements the minimalist aesthetic.

The key to achieving the minimalist style lies in keeping the space clean and clear of unnecessary elements. Cabinets and shelves should have a clean and unadorned design, with discreet or even integrated handles to maintain the pure lines of the design.

Regarding the colour palette, minimalism is mainly based on neutral tones such as white, gray and beige. The combination of these colours with the warmth of the wood creates a serene and relaxing environment.

Lighting also plays a crucial role. It is important to make the most of natural light, so it is recommended to keep the windows clear and use light curtains. In addition, recessed lights or lamps with a simple design will provide soft and homogeneous lighting.

In short, if you are looking for an orderly space that stands out for its sobriety, the minimalist style is the perfect choice for your kitchen.

Industrial style in the microcement and wood kitchen

Similarly, the industrial style in the microcement and wood kitchen is a bold trend that combines urban aesthetics with the natural warmth of wood. This style is inspired by old industrial spaces converted into lofts, where spaces are left exposed to create an avant-garde environment full of character.

As an irreproachable ally, microcement is used to cover the walls and the floor, giving that industrial touch that characterizes this style. On the other hand, wood, in aged tones or with rustic finishes, provides a cozy and natural essence that is balanced with the coldness of the other material.

Kitchen furniture in solid wood or with wrought iron details, along with metal accessories, enhance the industrial aesthetic and add that touch of authenticity and originality. Exposed wooden beams and exposed pipes are also characteristic elements of the industrial style that can be incorporated into the kitchen to emphasize certain areas.

The colour palette is based on dark, neutral tones such as greys, blacks and browns, complemented by touches of metal such as stainless steel. Additionally, pendant lamps with industrial designs, such as cage-style pendants or exposed bulbs, add a touch of drama and character to the space.

After all, the industrial style in the microcement and wood kitchen invites you to immerse yourself in a kitchen with a touch of rebellion and sophistication. Isitwhatyou are lookingfor?

Scandinavian style in the microcement and wood kitchen

In the same way, the Scandinavian style in the microcement and wood kitchen is an option that is inspired by the simplicity and beauty of the Nordic countries. This design is characterized by its luminosity, its cozy atmosphere and its focus on creating practical and aesthetically pleasing spaces.

Microcement in light and soft tones, together with wood in natural and light tones, are the fundamental elements to achieve the Scandinavian style in the kitchen. On the other hand, wooden kitchen furniture with simple and minimalist lines, finished in white or soft tones, and the incorporation of furniture with intelligent storage and functional solutions are essential to maintain order and organization in the space.

The colour palette is mainly based on neutral tones such as white, gray and beige, which help to reflect light and create a spacious feeling in the kitchen. Details in pastel tones, such as pink, green or blue, can add a touch of delicacy and freshness to the design.

As with minimalism, the aim is to make the most of natural light, so it is important to keep the windows clear and use light curtains. In addition, simply designed lamps and pendant lights help create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the kitchen.

In a few words, the Scandinavian style in the microcement and wood kitchen transmits that serenity and comfort that invites you to enjoy a bright, orderly and functional space.

Classic style in the microcement and wood kitchen

Finally, the classic style in the microcement and wood kitchen is a timeless and elegant choice that evokes the majesty of traditional kitchens. This aesthetic is based on refined lines, ornate details and the harmonious combination of natural elements such as micro-cement and wood.

The walls and floors covered with microcement provide a modern and lasting touch, while the wood in warm tones adds warmth and a touch of nostalgia that characterizes the classic style.

Likewise, the kitchen furniture is chosen in solid wood, with elegant designs and decorative mouldings. Details like marble or granite countertops, ornate pulls, and melding on cabinet doors add a touch of sophistication and luxury to the overall aesthetic.

The colour palette in the classic style is based on warm and soft tones, such as off-white, cream and beige, which contribute to creating a serene and welcoming atmosphere. Gold or bronze details, such as taps and lamps, add a touch of elegance and glamor to the design.

Lighting is rendered in chandeliers or pendant lamps with ornate details, becoming a popular choice to accentuate the sophisticated environment and add a touch of drama.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a kitchen that reflects the splendour of traditional kitchens with a modern touch, the classic style is the perfect option to create a charming and sophisticated space in your home.

Which of all do you stay with? Leave it to us in a comment!


Floor covering in L-shaped room next to Cementec.
Kitchen floor applied in Cementec Arena colour, giving prominence to a kitchen with very personal furniture.

Finally, the combination of ready-to-use microcement and wood in the kitchen is a winning choice that has conquered the hearts of those looking for a modern, cozy and functional design.

Through the decoration tips, we have learned to effectively combine these two materials, taking advantage of their qualities to highlight the beauty of each one. The careful choice of tones, adequate lighting and the incorporation of decorative details have been key to achieving kitchens that transcend trends and become timeless spaces.

In addition, by exploring different decorative styles, from rustic-modern to minimalist, industrial, Scandinavian and classic, we have discovered how this combination of materials can be adapted to different tastes and preferences. The versatility of the fusion of microcement and wood has allowed each kitchen to reflect the personality and style of its owners, creating truly unique and captivating spaces.

If you want to continue exploring the magic of the combination of microcement and wood, we invite you to read our blog on “Microcement and wood bathrooms: How to combine both materials to obtain a unique design”. In this article, you will discover how to bring this charming fusion to the bathroom space, creating relaxing and stylish environments.

At Cementec, we are committed to providing you with the best solutions and advice for your decoration projects. Our team of experts is ready to advise you and help you make the kitchen of your dreams come true with microcement and wood. Get inspired, create and enjoy a space that reflects your essence in every detail!

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