Polyurethane varnish for microcement: maximum protection and long-lasting intense shine

Do you search an effective solution that allows you to protect your microcement surfaces against daily wear and tear? If the answer is yes, let us present the product you need: polyurethane varnish for microcement. This treatment not only helps maintain a long-term aesthetic and elegant finish, but also gives a robust and shiny layer to the coating to enhance the beauty of any space.

Therefore, the application of polyurethane varnish within the microcement finishing process is understood as a requirement to combat the inherent porosity of this material and protect it against stains, scratches and wear caused by normal traffic. If this protection is not applied, the microcement could quickly lose its pristine appearance and require maintenance or repairs with a more frequent frequency.

For this reason, and at Cementec, we are committed to offering you a complete vision of the use of polyurethane varnish. Throughout this article, you will learn its definition by unraveling the distinguishing characteristics between the two-component and single-component versions, along with the specific benefits of each of them. In addition, we will guide you on when and how you should apply each variant to optimize the durability and aesthetics of your surfaces.

Select the ideal polyurethane varnish and guarantee quality finishes and resistance over time!

What is a polyurethane varnish for microcement?

Kitchen floor with polyurethane varnish finish for microcement.
The application of the Forte Plus finish guarantees its use and resistance in areas such as kitchens, where stains are more common.

Polyurethane varnish for microcement is a protective coating designed to safeguard these coated surfaces from various adverse factors, whether due to foot traffic or inclement weather.

Its classification is carried out according to its composition as follows:

  • 1-component or single-component polyurethane varnish: composed of 100% solid, solvent-free adhesives that cure by reacting with the moisture present; either in the environment or in the applied substrate. Their ease of use makes them ideal for projects that require a quick and effective solution.
  • 2-component or bi-component polyurethane varnish: these require the mixing of two separate components before application: a polyol and an isocyanate hardener. The chemical reaction between these two elements when mixed results in a resistant and natural varnish.

Both types of polyurethane varnishes offer superior protection to microcement, extending its durability and maintaining its aesthetic appearance over time. The choice between one or the other will depend on the specific needs of the project and the environmental conditions to which the microcement is exposed.

2-component polyurethane varnish: Finish Forte

Varnish for microcement finish forte.
Finish Forte by Cementec.

Indeed, Finish Forte is our 2-component or two-component polyurethane varnish specifically designed to provide exceptional protection to microcement surfaces on very low-traffic walls and floors.

This varnish, with a natural and silky aesthetic, stands out for its ability to create an almost invisible layer of protection, maintaining the beauty and artisanal character of microcement without altering its original appearance.

Offers matte, satin and gloss finish options. The matte finish highlights the natural texture of the microcement, while the gloss finish offers the highest level of protection.

Advantages of using Cementec Finish Forte 2-component polyurethane varnish

  1. 80% waterproofing: its composition ensures high breathability, which promotes the health and durability of the treated surface. In addition, it maintains a certain resistance to water, although it is not recommended in spaces in contact with humidity.
  2. Very natural aesthetics: finish Forte’s matte finish enhances the beauty of microcement without altering its artisanal appearance. The application of the varnish is practically undetectable, preserving the tone, texture, and original intensity of the surface.
  3. Protection against bumps and scratches: this varnish not only beautifies, but also strengthens microcement surfaces. It offers a layer of defense against daily wear and tear, including bumps and scratches, maintaining the aesthetics of the coating for a time.

1-component polyurethane varnish: Finish Forte Plus

Varnish for microcement finish forte plus.
Finish Forte Plus by Cementec.

Likewise, at Cementec we are proud to present Finish Forte Plus, the leading 1-component polyurethane varnish in ready-to-use microcement application processes.

This innovative one-component varnish is characterized by its ease of use, allowing direct application without the need for prior mixing. Its unique formulation has been designed to adhere to surfaces with ease, creating a remarkably hard and flexible protective layer.

Finish Forte Plus offers advanced protection against abrasion, far exceeding the resistance of the previous product. This quality makes it an ideal solution to protect areas exposed to constant humidity or susceptible to stains, such as showers, bathtubs, kitchen counters, and other home environments prone to accidents.

Likewise, this polyurethane varnish is ideal for exterior applications, ensuring maximum durability and resistance on exterior facades or floors.

Advantages of using Cementec Finish Forte Plus 1-component polyurethane varnish

  1. Complete impermeability: with the application of two layers, this varnish ensures complete water resistance, practically eliminating the possibility of perspiration of the treated surface. This feature makes it ideal for areas exposed to moisture.
  2. Anti-stain properties: thanks to its resistance to chemical agents, Finish Forte Plus acts as an effective repellent against all types of stains. During the first 24 hours after application, its effectiveness is total, and timely cleaning is recommended in case of subsequent stains to keep the surface in optimal conditions.
  3. Protection against scratches: this varnish is also characterized by its ability to resist scratches, maintaining the integrity and aesthetic appearance of the protected surface over time.
  4. Abrasion resistance: in addition, Finish Forte Plus has notable abrasion resistance, guaranteeing exceptional durability even under conditions of intensive use.

What materials do you need to apply polyurethane varnish on ready-to-use microcement?

To protect the areas that are not going to be covered, you will require at least the following materials:

  • Corrugated cardboard.
  • Black plastic to cover.
  • Masking tape.

The tools you will need to apply the polyurethane varnish on microcement are:

  • Bucket.
  • 22 cm microfiber roller.
  • Brush.
  • Measuring jug.
  • Primer.
  • Finish Forte or Finish Forte Plus.

And this is the protective equipment you need to carry out all these jobs:

  • Dust mask.
  • Gloves.
  • Protective cap
  • Kneepads
  • Appropriate footwear.
  • Clean work clothes.

How to apply polyurethane varnish to ready-to-use microcement

Private house with application of polyurethane varnish on floors.
Application of the Forte finish in a private home.

Accordingly, and to understand how to apply polyurethane varnish on ready-to-use microcement effectively, and thus ensure an optimal and long-lasting finish, it is recommended to follow the following steps:

  1. Surface preparation: make sure the microcement is completely dry and clean of dust or dirt. For surfaces previously treated or with imperfections, it is advisable to sand lightly to create a more adherent surface.
  2. Primer application: if you are looking to improve the adhesion and uniformity of the finish, consider applying a specific primer for microcement (Primer) before the varnish. Let dry for 3-4 hours.
  3. Application method: use a microfiber roller for even application of the varnish over large surfaces or a spray gun for hard-to-reach areas or to obtain a finer finish. Make sure to mix the varnish well before applying it to ensure the homogeneity of the product.
  4. Number of coats and drying times: it is essential to apply at least two coats of varnish to achieve adequate protection. For the Finish Forte, let each coat dry for at least 5 hours. In the case of Finish Forte Plus, the minimum recommended drying time is 8 hours between coats.

If you want to see how Paula, our colleague from the Cementec technical team, carries out the work corresponding to a real application of polyurethane varnish, don’t miss this video!

When to use polyurethane varnish in a renovation coated with ready-to-use microcement?

On average, the use of polyurethane varnish in projects involving ready-to-use microcement is almost always recommended to ensure the durability and aesthetic finish of the coating. The only exception to this advice is when, for specific aesthetic reasons, you intentionally choose not to apply varnish, accepting the risks of stains or deterioration that this may entail. However, this decision must be carefully considered as it directly affects the longevity and appearance of the coating.

How long does polyurethane varnish take to dry?

Polyurethane varnish drying time may vary depending on the specific product and environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity. However, some general estimates could be:

  • Dry to the touch: most polyurethane varnishes dry to the touch within a few hours after application. It is advisable to allow at least 5 hours to dry before applying a new coat.
  • Drying for walking: to be able to walk on a surface coated with microcement and varnished, it is advisable to wait at least 48 hours after applying the last layer. This period allows the varnish to develop enough strength to withstand light foot traffic without damage.
  • Complete curing: the polyurethane varnish reaches its maximum strength and durability 7 days after applying the last coat. During this time, the product completes its curing process, optimizing its performance in terms of physical and chemical resistance.


Product Finish Forte and Finish Forte Plus by Cementec.
Cementec’s Finish Forte and Finish Forte Plus provide all the necessary safety for maximum durability.

In summary, polyurethane varnish for microcement represents an essential investment in the longevity, resistance, and aesthetics of your projects. Its ability to protect against wear, stains, and scratches, while enhancing surface finishes, makes it a critical component for any microcement job.

At Cementec, we are dedicated to providing you with high-quality solutions in the distribution and application of ready-to-use microcement to achieve long-lasting professional finishes. Contact us and take your renovations to the next level!

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