Microcement Ready to Use: a perfect conductor for Eco-friendly renovations with underfloor heating

Ever considered renovating your home in an eco-conscious manner while maximizing the efficiency of underfloor heating? Look no further than microcement, the ideal solution for these aspirations.

Renowned for its minimal environmental footprint during application and long-term durability, microcement ensures fewer floor replacements over time. Moreover, its compatibility with underfloor heating systems maintains a comfortable room temperature year-round, minimizing energy wastage.

Explore the advantages of ready-to-use microcement in renovations and its prowess as an exceptional conductor in underfloor heating through this Cementec blog.

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Cementec Microcement: renovations sans debris

Adaptation process for underfloor heating after application of ready-to-use microcement.
The necessary adjustment must be made to ensure that there are no cracks before applying Cementec.

The use of ready-to-use microcement in renovations presents several sustainability advantages, notably in debris reduction compared to traditional materials, which makes it an “eco-friendlier” product.

Below are examples of these advantages to try to raise awareness about it:

  1. Minimal debris generation: microcement’s direct application to existing surfaces significantly reduces construction waste, minimizing the need for demolition materials disposal.
  2. Clean application process: with no structural breakdown or dust generation, microcement ensures an environmentally friendly and safer work environment.
  3. Durability and resistance: microcement’s longevity reduces the need for frequent renovations, provided proper maintenance is upheld.

Efficiency in reforms: adhesion capacity and accelerated process

Microcement’s superior adhesion capability to various surfaces streamlines renovation processes by enabling direct application onto floors, walls, and even existing countertops or furniture.

Furthermore, its quick and easy application, requiring only a thin layer, expedites the renovation process, particularly beneficial in commercial or residential projects where minimal disruption is desired. With a vast range of finishes and colors, microcement empowers designers and homeowners to personalize spaces to their liking.

Benefits of Ready-to-Use microcement as a conductor in underfloor heating

Self-levelling mortar applied over underfloor heating.
The self-levelling mortar placed on the underfloor heating must always be thoroughly checked.

Considering underfloor heating for your renovation project? Cementec’s ready-to-use microcement seamlessly integrates with underfloor heating systems, offering excellent thermal conductivity.

Next, we will explore how this material contributes to the energy efficiency of your home by distributing heat evenly, providing a warm and cozy environment during the cold months.

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Thermal conductivity

Thermal conductivity refers to a material’s ability to transfer heat efficiently. In the case of microcement, this property allows heat to be distributed evenly across the entire surface of the floor. When applied over radiant floor heating systems, microcement ensures that there are no cold spots or temperature inequalities in the room.

Microcement’s efficient heat transfer ensures uniform distribution across the floor surface, eliminating cold spots and temperature inconsistencies. This maximizes the heat generated by the system, leading to energy savings and reduced ecological impact.

Application of microcement in underfloor heating systems

Refurbishment with underfloor heating and application of ready-to-use microcement in living room with large windows.
Open-plan living with large windows, underfloor heating and ready-to-use microcement.

Applying microcement in underfloor heating systems follows a straightforward process:

  1. Surface preparation: Ensure the surface is clean, dry, and free of dust, repairing any imperfections.
  2. Priming: Apply primer to enhance microcement adhesion and ensure a uniform surface.
  3. Microcement application: Evenly apply microcement using a trowel or spatula, following a consistent pattern.
  4. Drying and sanding: Allow proper drying, repeat application if needed, then sand to achieve a smooth surface.
  5. Sealing and protection: Apply sealant for surface protection, with additional coats for desired finishes.


In conclusion, ready-to-use microcement is an ideal choice for underfloor heating renovations, offering durability, energy efficiency, and environmental benefits.

Follow Cementec’s manufacturer instructions and consult an experienced professional for successful application.

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