Smoothed microcement: homogeneous aesthetics and jointless elegance

Currently, the design and renovation of spaces demand solutions that combine aesthetics, functionality and savings in a balanced way. Within this context, ready-to-use microcement emerges as an increasingly popular innovative option, and above all, in its smooth and continuous finishing aspect. Therefore, smoothed microcement is presented as an ideal alternative for those seeking a homogeneous aesthetic in their renovation projects.

This technique is characterized by its resistance and durability, and is also a versatile solution adaptable to different environments and decorative styles. In addition, its wide range of colours allows spaces to be personalized, creating unique environments that reflect the personality and taste of each individual.

At Cementec, we invite you to discover in depth the world of smoothed microcement, or in other words, our Cementec Standard finish. Through this article, we will explore the possibilities that this microcement texture offers, we will provide you with practical advice and inspiration for its choice and we will talk to you about how to maintain it.

If you are considering a renovation or simply want to update the appearance of your home or office, join us on this tour of the advantages and secrets of smoothed microcement.

Benefits of smoothed microcement in your interior spaces

Smoothed microcement in the living-dining room with marvellous views of the sea in the province of Alicante.
House located on the coast of Alicante with pearl grey flooring by Cementec Standard.

First and foremost, you should know that smoothed microcement is one of the different shapes, finishes or textures of microcement that you can find in our range of Cementec products.

In fact, the official nomenclature that we have used for its use is Cementec Standard. Among its qualities, we find numerous benefits and advantages that we proceed to comment on below.

 5 advantages of Cementec Standard smoothed microcement

  1. It is versatile in application: Cementec Standard smoothed microcement can be applied to a variety of interior surfaces, including walls and floors, providing a uniform and contemporary aesthetic. Its popularity is due in part to the ease of application and the excellent results it offers.
  2. Suitable for humid indoor areas: a notable feature of this texture is its suitability for application in humid areas such as kitchens or bathrooms. Of course, as long as complementary surface protection is applied through the Finish Forte Plus product, thus guaranteeing maximum impermeability and resistance to chemical agents.
  3. It offers the possibility of covering various supports: perhaps this is one of its greatest advantages. Cementec Standard smoothed microcement has the ability to adhere to almost any type of existing support, such as tiles, marble or plaster, among others. This eliminates the need to remove the previous surface, facilitating renovation and reducing construction times and costs.
  4. Ensures an attractive and minimalist aesthetic: by offering a smooth and jointless finish, smoothed microcement provides a feeling of continuity and spaciousness to spaces. This feature makes it a favourite option for those looking for a minimalist and modern style in their decoration.
  5. It is easy to maintain: despite its sophisticated appearance, smoothed microcement requires relatively simple maintenance, making it a practical option for everyday use.

Tips and inspiration for implementing smoothed microcement in various environments

Cementec ready-to-use microcement on smooth kitchen surfaces.
Flat kitchen with Cementec Standard flooring.

In line with this, we are pleased to present to you some tips and creative ideas for incorporating Cementec Standard polished microcement into various areas of your home:

AreasTips and inspiration
Living rooms and common areasUse neutral tones to enhance the feeling of spaciousness. Microcement combines well with natural textures such as wood and stone.
Add accessories in contrasting colours or metals for a touch of elegance.
Try to maximize natural light. LED lighting can accentuate certain corners.
Kitchens and bathroomsUse light tones to visually expand the space or dark colours for a dramatic effect.
In the kitchen, it combines with stainless steel appliances. In bathrooms, use modern accessories.
Ensures good lighting in work areas in the kitchen and around mirrors in bathrooms.
BedroomsOpt for soft and calm colours.
Combine with warm textiles and wooden furniture for a cozy atmosphere.
Use a combination of natural lighting and floor or table lamps to create a relaxing atmosphere.
Stairs and hallwaysMaintain a consistent colour scheme with other areas. The microcement here can be darker to hide wear.
Use LED floor lighting to create visual interest.
Consider installing recessed lighting for a dramatic effect.
FurnitureCovers countertops, tables, shelves, auxiliary furniture, etc.

Care and maintenance of smoothed microcement

Are you wondering how to clean smoothed microcement? Keeping your microcement in perfect condition is easier than you think. Here we present the keys to effective cleaning and basic care without going into details:

  1. Avoid abrasive products: it is essential not to use aggressive cleaning products that could scratch or damage the surface of the microcement.
  2. Protection against bumps and scratches: although microcement is resistant, you should avoid strong blows and scratches to maintain its impeccable finish.
  3. Gentle and regular cleaning: To maintain its appearance, clean it regularly with a soft cloth or sponge, water and neutral soap.

To provide you with the information you need, we recommend that you consult our previous article in which we offer you a detailed guide on how to clean and care for your microcement surfaces. Find in it the tips and techniques necessary to keep your coatings like new.

Cementec Standard smoothed microcement kit

Microcement Pure Cementec Standard.

Have we convinced you? Yeah? Well, if you finally decide to purchase this microcement finish or texture, you should know that the Cementec Standard smoothed microcement kit includes all the products that we immediately mentioned:

  • Base Microcement.
  • Standard Fine Microcement + Pigment (to choose).
  • Primer.
  • Finish Forte or Finish Forte Plus.

And we also include in the price:

  • Metal trowel and spatula.
  • Plastic bucket.
  • Microfiber roller and brush.

If you have any questions or queries, do not hesitate to contact the Cementec technical team. Remember that we are specialists in the manufacture and application of ready-to-use microcement in Spain and in many other countries around the world. Trust our experience and commitment, there is no project that can resist us!

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