Textures of microciment: Explore another creative dimension in your reforms

Discovering the textures of microcement is like open a world-wide window of opportunities in the field of renovations and interior design. This material, beyond its recognized durability and versatility, presents an aspect of finishes that can be interested to explore.

If you are thinking of renovating your house or you are simply looking for the latest trending in decoration, microcement texture could be your desired answer. Each finish has unique features being adaptable to countless areas, offering personality and a distinctive identity to every part of it.

Bury yourself in this article and find out the richness that microcement hides. Once you read this article, your thoughts about this material will be completely changed, we promise you. Maybe, it will even motivate to break down the preconceptions of it and take the risk of leaving the traditional apart from your next project.

Have we convinced you? Keep reading Cementec!

Microcement textures depending on its surface

So, getting down to business, each area has a series of specific requirements, and microcement ready to use with its variety of textures is introduced as your perfect ally to every of them.

Check below the different microcement texture that Cementec can reach depending on its surface:

  • Walls: When walls come to the fore, microcement appears with a thin grain, offering a surface that is simultaneously smooth and uniform to the touch. This aggregates selection not only gives a polished and sophisticated aesthetic to the surface, but also guarantees their durability and resistance over time.
  • Floors: At this section, we distinguish between:
    • Interior floors: Medium aggregates are prioritized. This type of microcement was developed taking into account the challenges that floors face on a daily use. It gives resistance to daily wear and tear adding to an aesthetic appearance that provides warmth and elegance to the environment.
    • Exterior floors: Strength is essential for exterior areas, and therefore, microcement for exteriors is characterized by its notable roughness. This texture, which masterfully imitates the pores of natural stones, has an indisputable advantage: its anti-slip capacity, vital in areas where humidity and water are protagonists.
  • Pools: Going into aquatic areas, microcement takes a specific shape. Swimming pools demand resistance to elements such as chlorine, and fail-safe waterproofing. The microcement variant for these areas has been formulated considering precisely these challenges, guaranteeing not only beauty, but also the integrity and safety of the pool.

Versatility of products depending on the textures of the microcement

Ready-to-use microcement has shaken up the field of decorative coatings, offering solutions adapted to any area and style. Cementec, a leader in innovation, presents a range of microcement textures that adapt to different needs, from wet areas to areas with high foot traffic.

Get inside the world of possibilities that Cementec has for your renovation!

Cementec Standard microcement texture

Refurbished kitchen with Cementec Standard on walls and wooden worktop, especially for wet areas.
Renovated kitchen with Cementec Standard in walls and wooden worktop.

The product Cementec Standard is a popular people choice who are looking for a homogeneous and smooth finish, ideal for interior walls and floors in good condition. It stands out for its simplicity in application and its stellar results.

It is versatile, adapting even to wet areas such as kitchens or bathrooms, as long as it is combined with the Finish Forte Plus varnish, guaranteeing impermeability and chemical resistance. It adheres well to different supports, from tiles to marble, but always requires previous preparation, no matter how minimal.

StandardWallsFloorsWet areasFacadesPools
*Applying Finish Forte Plus varnish.

Cementec Texture microcement texture

Cementec Texture microcement texture applied in a restaurant or leisure bar.
Cementec Standard Texture applied on a wooden structure in a leisure space.

Those who are looking for a texture that emulates traditional 2-component microcement, Cementec Texture product is the ideal option. Its textured finish on interior walls and floors is a visual statement of style.

However, it is crucial to use Finish Forte Plus varnish in wet areas to ensure its durability and resistance. A proper preparation of previous surfaces is essential before the application of each Cementec system.

TextureWallsFloorsWet areasFacadesPools

*Applying Finish Forte Plus varnish.

Vintage Cementec Vintage microcement texture

Cementec Vintage microcement texture on a residential wall.
Cementec Vintage. Undoubtedly the cladding where the textures reproduce very singular and outstanding sensations.

For lovers of the classic, Cementec Vintage product transports you to the past with its retro finish. Walls that evoke ancient walls, floors in tactful tones. The variety of colours is wide. If Finish Forte Plus varnish is used, it can be applied even in wet areas, ensuring maximum resistance and waterproofing. Proper preparation of the support is an unavoidable step to obtain optimal results.

VintageWallsFloorsWet areasFacadesPools

*Applying Finish Forte Plus varnish.

Cementec Water Resistant microcement texture

Application of Cementec Water Resistant on stairs and outdoor terrace.
Cementec Water Resistant, a product with a rough texture, but with homogeneous aesthetics, suitable for outdoor spaces.

Cementec Water Resistant product is what you need for those areas that are always in contact with water. Ideal for showers and sinks, and thanks to its waterproof feature, it is also suitable for exterior areas. Its rough texture prevents slipping and provides safety, while the Finish Forte Plus varnish guarantees protection. It is essential to properly prepare the support before application.

Water ResistantShowerSinksCounters topFacadePools

Cementec Pool microcement texture

One of the white microcement pools in which the Cementec pool finish has been applied.
Interior finish of swimming pool with Cementec microcement.

Accordingly, Cementec Pool product is specific for swimming pools, resisting water pressure and cleaning chemicals products used in these surfaces. Its smooth finish can be enhanced with non-slip particles, providing safety. It is crucial that pools are well prepared, given the fineness of the product, to ensure optimal application.


Cementec High Transit microcement texture

Cementec Hight Transit microcement texture on the floor of a clothing shop.
Commercial areas require a high-strength coating, such as Cementec High Transit, with a smooth and homogeneous texture.

Developed for high foot traffic areas, Cementec High Transit product is strong and durable, ideal for interior and exterior floors that face constant movement. Combining resistance and aesthetics, this product, together with Finish Forte Plus varnish, is a complete solution. Although its application is direct, a solid surface in good condition is essential.

High TransitWallsFloorsWet areasFacadesPools

*Applying Finish Forte Plus varnish.

Which difference does exist between microcement textures and microcement finish itself?

The term “finish” is often associated solely with its texture. However, this concept goes further: it covers the entire spectrum of the process, from the meticulous preparation of the support to the sealing and maintenance after application

Texture is just one of the stages in this journey, being the tactile and visual manifestation of the material. But the microcement finish contemplates both the final aesthetics and the durability and resistance that is achieved through each step carried out.

In short, while microcement textures evoke sensations and styles, the finish is the testimony of a job well done, reflecting not only beauty but also functionality and longevity.

Tips to choose the microcement texture of your taste: Inspire yourself in successful projects

Finally, once you have decided to embark on a renovation project, inspiration is essential. Discover the magic of microcement textures through specific examples: immerse yourself in our gallery of projects and let yourself be captivated by each of the areas transformed with exquisite finishes.

Furthermore, the beauty of microcement not only lies in the versatility of its textures, but also in its ability to adapt aesthetically to each personality. Imagine a texture that speaks about you combined with tones that reflect your tastes and current trends in decoration.

In fact, some microcement colours are transforming interior areas, taking them to a new level of sophistication. If you want to be inspired and find out what these innovative tones are, we invite you to explore our post on the 5 microcement colours that are setting trends in interior decoration.


To sum up, microcement has emerged as a revolutionary innovation in the field of renovations and interior design, offering a rich palette of textures and finishes that provide an aesthetic and durable solution for a variety of applications.

The versatility of this material is evident in the wide range offered by Cementec, which ranges from solutions for interior and exterior walls, to specific areas such as swimming pools or high foot traffic areas. Each product has been formulated with particular requirements in mind, guaranteeing a finish that combines beauty and resistance.

Finally, if you want to transform your spaces and give them a new dimension of elegance and functionality, microcement is the answer. And to guarantee quality results, having the services of experts is the key. Make your renovation a masterpiece with Cementec!

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