Microcement in outdoor terrace: Design an exclusive space according to your tastes

Can you imagine having an outdoor terrace that reflects your style and personality? A space that invites you to relax, enjoy the sun or a simple dinner with friends. If you are thinking of renovating your terrace, we suggest you do it with microcement, a modern, resistant material with an extremely elegant finish. Microcement outdoor terrace is becoming more and more popular and from there we will talk about it in the following article.

Ready-to-use microcement offers high resistance to abrasion, moisture and extreme weather conditions, something highly necessary for a finish that is exposed day after day to possible external disturbances. In addition, its application is simple and can be done on different types of surfaces or complemented with them, such as: ceramics, cement, stone or wood (among others).

With microcement, you can give a new air to your outdoor space and enjoy a unique and attractive terrace that you will love. Don’t settle for a boring terrace with no personality! Get to know with Cementec the advantages of microcement for outdoor terraces, the different types of inspiration for you to choose your favourite style, as well as tips for its application and accessories for decorating one of the spaces that will cause the most stir among your guests.

If you’re not ready yet, get ready because we’re starting!

Advantages of microcement on outdoor terrace

Exterior wall with Cementec pearl grey ready-to-use microcement.
Application of Cementec on the exterior façade of a detached house in pearl gray.

These are the advantages of microcement on outdoor terraces that we have found after its application in numerous homes and after obtaining feedback from our customers:

  1. Weather resistance: as we already mentioned, microcement is a highly resistant material to UV rays, rain, humidity and changes in temperature. For this reason, it is ideal for use on outdoor terraces, as it will perfectly withstand inclement weather.
  2. Durability: microcement is a material that lasts for many years without the need to carry out exhaustive maintenance.
  3. Easy cleaning: microcement requires minimal cleaning and if it is done according to the supplier’s specifications, much better. In one of the previous post we talked about it, so don’t miss the complete guide on how to clean microcement according to Cementec.
  4. Customization: microcement can be customized in terms of colour and finish, so you can get the outdoor terrace you’ve always wanted.
  5. Anti-slip properties: by applying the right microcement on the floor you can obtain anti-slip properties, which makes it a safe choice for outdoor areas where walking safety is important.

Be inspired by different terrace styles with microcement

Therefore, before starting to create your own outdoor terrace, it is important that you find inspiration in different styles and designs. We present some ideas for you to find the one that best suits your tastes.

Minimalist terrace

Application of microcement on the outdoor terrace of a minimalist and modern house thanks to Cementec.
Exterior terrace of a single-family home, applied in white Cementec High Transit.

If what you are looking for is a modern and minimalist style, you can opt for microcement in light tones, such as white or light grey, which provide light and spaciousness to your space. Complement the decoration with simple details, such as potted green plants, cushions in pastel tones, and furniture in straight lines.

Mediterranean terrace

In change, if you prefer a warmer and more welcoming style, you can opt for microcement in terracotta or sand tones, which provide a natural and authentic touch to your space. Complement the decoration with Mediterranean plants, cushions with floral prints and wooden or wicker furniture.

Urban terrace

Por el contrario si eres más urbanita, puedes optar por microcemento en tonos grises oscuros o negros, que aporten un toque industrial y moderno a tu espacio. Complementa la decoración con detalles en metal, cojines con estampados geométricos y muebles en materiales como el cuero o el acero.

On the other hand, if you are more of an urbanite, you can opt for microcement in dark grey or black tones, which provide an industrial and modern touch to your space. Complement the decoration with metal details, cushions with geometric prints and furniture in materials such as leather or steel.

Rustic terrace

Finally, if you prefer a more rustic and natural style, you can opt for microcement in earth or clay tones, which add an organic and authentic touch to your space. Complement the decoration with details in natural wood, cushions with ethnic prints and furniture with aged or vintage finishes.

Tips for creating the space of your dreams with microcement on outdoor terrace

Application of microcement on exterior terrace with stairs and double door-window.
Exterior terrace with stairs, applied all with Cementec Water Resistance.

Once you have found inspiration in different styles of terraces with microcement, it is time to start creating your own. Here are some tips for you to successfully apply the ready-to-use microcement:

  1. Choose the type of microcement that best suits your needs: there are different types of microcement, depending on the surface on which it is to be applied or the desired finish.
  2. Define the design and finishes: we recommend doing it with the help of a professional or through different design programs.
  3. Prepare the surface properly: before applying the microcement, it is important that the surface is clean, dry and free of any type of impurity. If the terrace is made of ceramic or stone, it is necessary to remove any remaining adhesive or grout.
  4. Apply the primer: the primer is a layer that is applied before the microcement and that ensures proper adherence of the material to the surface. Be sure to apply it evenly and following the manufacturer’s directions.
  5. Apply the microcement: once the primer is dry, it’s time to apply the microcement. Be sure to do this by following the manufacturer’s directions and using the proper tools.
  6. Add the microcement finish: once the microcement is dry, it’s time to add the desired finish. You can opt for a standard, texture or vintage finish, depending on the style you want to achieve.
  7. Protect the surface: to protect the microcement and ensure its durability, it is important that you apply a layer of Finish Forte Plus sealer. This sealer will act as a barrier against moisture and UV rays.

Complement the decoration of your space with microcement on the outdoor terrace

In line with all of the above, it is time to complement the reform with decorative elements or details that make your terrace a unique and personalized area. Some ideas can be:

  • Plants: plants are an essential element to create a cozy and natural environment on any terrace. You can opt for natural or artificial plants of different sizes and colours to create an interesting visual effect.
  • Lighting: lighting is key to creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere on your terrace. You can opt for pendant lights, candles or floor lamps to create different environments.
  • Furniture: the furniture recreates rest areas or makes up the dining room on your terrace. You can opt for furniture in materials such as wicker, wood or metal to complement the style of your terrace.
  • Textiles: textiles are ideal for adding a touch of colour and texture to your terrace. You can opt for cushions, rugs or curtains to give a personal touch to your space.


Opting for microcement on the outdoor terrace is an excellent option to renovate those outdoor spaces of your home with a modern and resistant material. In addition, with the tips and inspirations that we have presented, you will be able to create a unique and personalized terrace that reflects your style and personality. Do not hesitate to seek the help of a professional to ensure a quality and long-lasting finish.

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