Renovation projects with microcement: transforming spaces with innovation and style

Are you looking to renovate your home quickly and effectively? Renovation projects with microcement offer the ideal solution for those seeking a dramatic transformation without the hassle of large-scale construction and lengthy waiting periods.

Microcement is one of the most popular trends in interior design today. This versatile material combines advanced technology with sustainability, creating sophisticated spaces. Its ease of application and impeccable finish make it the top choice for those desiring a contemporary and stylish environment.

If you’re considering a home renovation and want to achieve stunning results, keep reading. In this article, we showcase a real project by Cementec, demonstrating how innovation and style come together to inspire those in search of the perfect material that excels in performance, finish, and cost-effectiveness.

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Renovation projects with ready-to-use microcement by Cementec: family apartment on the Alicante coast

Renovation of a room in a house after application of microcement.
Living room after application of Cementec ready-to-use microcement.

To illustrate our comprehensive microcement transformations, we present a project in a family apartment on the Alicante coast.

The Cementec team globally transformed the apartment using ready-to-use microcement. From floors to walls, bathrooms to the kitchen, every corner was renovated to reflect a modern atmosphere with impeccable and durable finishes.

Discover the story behind one of our latest microcement renovation projects! Let your imagination soar and explore the endless possibilities offered by this innovative material.

Phase 1: preliminary project and planning

Part of living/dining room with ready-to-use High Transit microcement applied to the floor.
Images of the living-dining room once the ready-to-use High Transit microcement has been applied to the floor.

The main objective of this renovation was to completely redesign the home’s layout. With a medium-low budget, the aim was to transform the “seventies” style beach apartment into a modern space offering greater comfort.

The renovation included resizing rooms, adding new windows, demolishing and erecting walls, and applying new coverings. This process enhanced the functionality and comfort of the space, aligning it with a modern and practical lifestyle.

Phase 2: surface preparation, supports, and coating selection

Bathroom after renovation project with Cementec ready-to-use microcement.
Bathroom after refurbishment and application of ready-to-use microcement.

A crucial aspect of the renovation was updating all electrical installations and conducting metal carpentry work in the living-dining area to maximize natural light. Additionally, wood carpentry work included installing built-in furniture and wall paneling in specific areas.

The client had a clear vision for their home’s decorative coating: ready-to-use microcement. However, the existing supports, including old terrazzo flooring, deteriorated tile walls, and cement areas from removed walls, presented challenges.

With thorough preparation of the supports and completion of all preliminary infrastructure work, we applied Cementec High Transit microcement, ideal for pavements of questionable quality. This ensured a secure and technically sound result.

Phase 3: problem neutralization and base application

Bathroom finished in Cementec ready-to-use microcement.
Bathroom finished in Cementec ready-to-use microcement.

The application of Cementec microcement was carried out in two phases. After completing all masonry work, we adapted the supports by examining all areas to neutralize potential problems like cracks or irregularities. We then applied the first two layers of Cementec Base microcement, a low-thickness decorative coating using minerals and acrylic resins.

Adapting the support is crucial for a perfect finish. An epoxy primer was used to homogenize the surfaces, ensuring proper adhesion and a flawless, durable finish.

Phase 4: coloring and top coating

Before and after the renovation project with ready-to-use microcement in the corridor.
Before and after the renovation project with ready-to-use microcement in the entire corridor.

In the final weeks of the renovation, we completed the electrical, carpentry, and painting work. After these trades finished, and only the installation of auxiliary furniture, appliances, and toilets remained, we returned to apply the last layers of microcement pigmentation in Pearl Gray and polyurethane varnishes for final protection.

We ensured the flooring did not endure traffic stress in the initial weeks after application to prevent any damage to the new coating. This concluded our work, guaranteeing an impeccable finish and a complete renovation at a moderately affordable price.


Renovation project with ready-to-use microcement in the bedroom, especially on the floor.
Renovation project with ready-to-use microcement in an integral dwelling: image of the bedroom.

Microcement renovation projects offer a quick, effective, and aesthetically impressive solution to transform any space in the home. Its versatility, ease of application, durability, and flawless finish make it the preferred option for those looking to renovate their home innovatively and stylishly.

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